You Could LIVE on a Cruise Ship…for $30,000 😳

Ever since much of the world transitioned to working from home, folks have been taking it as an opportunity to travel. Have you ever just wanted to pick up and go?

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Remote working and traveling have become popular over the past few years with more jobs adapting to working from home. What seems better than working from Disney World? Well, what if you could work and travel the world at the same time? What if you could do it for even longer than your typical vacation? Would you do it for a month, a year… 3 years?!

Life at Sea Cruises is launching a three-year cruise — yes, that’s correct, three! According to CNN, The MV Gemini is set to sail out of Istanbul on November 1. The ship is aiming to hit 375 ports around the world while visiting 135 countries. Just a few of the sights visited will be India’s Taj Mahal, Mexico’s Chichen Itza, the pyramids of Giza, and Machu Picchu.


The company is a branch off of Miray Cruises and has a 30-year history in the cruise industry. The MV Gemini has 400 cabins and can hold 1,074 passengers. The Gemini will also be fitted with remote working facilities including a business center, 14 offices, a library, and a lounge — all of which will be free to access. That’s not all that included!


So how much does this cost? The “Virtual Inside” staterooms start at $29,999 per person per year but a balcony suite can go up to $109,999 per person per year. It should be noted that passengers must sign up for all 3 years. However, Life at Sea Cruises seems to have thought about those who are looking for a little less commitment. They are launching a “matchmaking scheme” where passengers will be allowed to “share” a cabin with someone who can alternate itineraries.  You can also have family and friends visit for free on the boat!

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Ready to sign up? Just a mere $45,000 deposit is required. You can spend Christmas in Brazil and New Year’s in Argentina. This may seem too good to be true, but it sounds like a dream to us!

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