We Literally Have NO Complaints About These 2 Disney Snacks

A NEW event has officially started in Disneyland and it comes with some unique treats!

Minnie and Daisy!

Disneyland hosts several After Hours events throughout the year, and this year they’ve started to offer a NEW event — Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite. During the Princess After Hours event, you’ll find a number of party-EXCLUSIVE snacks, from a cotton candy cream cheese pretzel to an escargot flatbread(!). We checked out two of these and now we’re sharing our honest thoughts with you.

We found these two exclusive snacks over at Jolly Holiday Bakery.

2 Exclusive Snacks!

First up, we have the Daydreamer Macaroon. This is a raspberry-coconut macaroon topped with white chocolate and sprinkles.

If you’re a Disneyland regular (or Disneyland snack aficionado), you may already be familiar with the ever-popular Matterhorn Macaroon, but this is a DIFFERENT treat thanks to its raspberry flavoring and sprinkles.

Raspberry-Coconut Macaroon

Overall, we felt like this treat had a really nice blend of those raspberry and coconut flavors. Neither was too strong or dominating, allowing them both to combine deliciousness. At first, we got that sweet raspberry flavor, which was followed by a mild coconut taste.

Raspberry-Coconut Macaroon

Plus, the white chocolate and sprinkles added a sweet and crunchy layer to the treat as a whole. Truthfully, we had no complaints about this one! If you love macaroons, coconut, and raspberry, do NOT skip this. But if you hate coconut, even when it’s only a mild flavor, you may want to avoid this treat. Try it yourself for $4.99.

A Look Inside

Next up we have the Princess Trifle. This is a White Chocolate Mousse and Mixed Berry Compote with Vanilla Cake, topped with Crunch Pearls and a White Chocolate Crown. This is priced at $7.49.

Princess Trifle

There are quite a few ingredients in this snack, but they all combined together really well for a yummy and sweet dessert! The berry compote tasted fresh and sweet. The vanilla cake was moist and sort of absorbed a bit of the compote, but in a good way! Add the white chocolate to the mix — which gave it sweet hints of chocolate — and you’ve got a winner. This was another treat we really didn’t have any complaints about.

Princess Trifle

If you like sweets, berries, and trifles, this is the snack for you! But be warned that you can’t really avoid the berry compote, so you will want to like berries to enjoy this.

A Peek at the Trifle

And that’s our review of these 2 EXCLUSIVE snacks!

What do you think? Would you give either of these a try? Tell us in the comments!

Remember that Princess Nite is an exclusive After Hours event you have to buy a separate ticket to attend. It was offered on March 7th and will be offered again on March 9th, but tickets for the event have already sold out.

Sign outside the park

The event takes place after the park has closed to “regular” guests for the day. Those who attend the event can enjoy exclusive eats, a DJ dance party, meet-and-greets with unique Disney characters, after-hours access to some attractions, and more.


We’ll be sharing more details about our experience soon, so stay tuned for the latest updates!

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What do you think about these snacks? Tell us in the comments.

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