HOLD UP. Disney’s Iconic DOLE Whip Is Coming to… Grocery Stores?!

Picture this: you’ve spent a long, hot day in Magic Kingdom. You’ve ridden every ride on your list, met all your favorite characters, and even had a shopping spree at the Emporium. You’re tired (the good, Disney tired), yet fulfilled from a magical day. There’s only one thing that could make it better…

Having an amazing Disney day!

… a DOLE Whip! This fan-favorite Disney treat is popular for a reason, with its refreshing tropical flavor and a vast range of options for how you’d like it prepared. If you’re in Adventureland, you can get the classic Pineapple DOLE Whip or Pineapple DOLE Whip Swirl from Aloha Isle, OR you can experiment with fun flavors like strawberry, orange, and mango at Sunshine Tree Terrace! Of course, you can find them in other places throughout Disney World, but the Adventureland locations are considered the OGs. 😉 We have a secret though… your next DOLE whip might be much closer to you than you think.

DOLE just announced that DOLE Whip will be available for purchase at local grocery stores sometime in 2023! Pineapple, strawberry, and mango will be available. We think that this will be a pretty awesome addition to our local frozen aisle in the grocery store.

Dole Whip Float!

DOLE said that this addition would be one of many across numerous innovations it’s making throughout 2023, based on consumer desire. We can definitely understand that! It isn’t out of the ordinary for us to want a DOLE Whip on a random Wednesday with no upcoming Disney plans in sight. Finally, a DOLE Whip will be waiting for us at the grocery store!

Ain’t she a beaut?

DOLE also said they’d be launching new dehydrated fruit snacks, fruit juice gels, probiotic fruit juice drinks, and even smoothie and acai bowls! Hmmmm… some of these sound like they might make for a refreshing pre-park breakfast or packable park snack!

Pineapple Dole Whip and Vanilla Ice Cream

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but this news actually makes us excited to go grocery shopping. Our only question is… how soon can we buy these bad boys? We’ll let you know as soon as we hear!

DOLE Whip Pumpkin Float

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