No Chance, No Way You’ll Turn Down This NEW Disney Treat

If you’re looking for a chocolate lover’s dream treat, we’ve found it!

Chocolate lover’s dream!

Disney’s newest dessert, the Chocolate ‘Muse’ Cake is now available at Walt Disney World and we just had to try it!

Walt Disney World is celebrating Women’s History Month all month long in the parks, Disney Springs, and now at the hotels. Part of the celebration is lots of new treats!

HerStory celebration

We stopped by Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort to try out the new Chocolate ‘Muse’ Cake, which can be found at the World Premiere Food Court.

World Premiere Food Court

This cake is made of chocolate mousse with orange-ginger panna cotta, sugar cookie, chocolate glaze, and blackcurrant whipped cream. Chef Assistant Ashley helped create this treat, and her choice of flavors represents a balance of strength, boldness, and beauty. You can get this treat for $6.49.

Chocolate Muse Cake celebrating HerStory

At first glance, this is a gorgeous sleek design for the cake covered in rich chocolate. The Orange-Ginger panna cotta helps to break up the richness of the chocolate coating.

When we cut into the inside of it to taste it, we found that there’s not a ton of the orange-ginger panna cotta, and it’s all in the exact center of the treat, so not every bite has its help in the flavoring. This could present a challenge for those that don’t enjoy a very rich chocolate dessert. We would recommend this treat to chocolate lovers that could handle a chocolate overload. If you wouldn’t like a strong chocolate, orange, or ginger flavoring this is probably a snack you won’t mind missing.

Cross-section of Chocolate Muse Cake

Overall it was a great addition to the HerStory desserts we’ve seen pop up to share inspiring stories about the women that create them and learn a bit more about the creative process being this tasty treat. As always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest in Disney snack news!

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