Flight DELAYS Hit the Orlando Airport

The Orlando International Airport is the main airport that many guests flying to Disney World will use, so when something goes wrong it can really throw a wrench in everyone’s plans.

Orlando Airport

Right now, plenty of people heading to Orlando have hit a speedbump with their travels due to “technical issues at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Miami Center.

Currently, Orlando International Airport is experiencing flight delays of 45 minutes or more due to technical issues at the Miami Center of the Federal Aviation Administration (Fox News). The airport recommends that travelers check the National Airspace System Status for updates on incoming and outgoing flights, and you can also check your individual airline’s website for your flight’s current status.

Unfortunately, not only is this causing delays but cancelations as well! WESH News reported that so far 39 flights have been delayed and 4 have been canceled so far. In addition, both Miami International Airport and Palm Beach International Airport are both experiencing delays because of these technical issues.

Orlando International Airport

At the moment there is no word on when the issue will be resolved and flights can return to normal. We’ve already seen a few other instances of flight delays in Orlando this year thanks to air traffic control issues in Miami. Hopefully this isn’t a new trend! If you ever do find your flight delayed or canceled, here are some posts to help you navigate that situation:

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