REVIEW: This Disney World Treat Is NOT Like Other Cupcakes

It’s time to talk about the aspect of Disney we love the most — the FOOD!

Cinderella Castle

Some of our most recent reviews from the parks include some great Animal Kingdom pizza and a new Tinker Bell Sundae in Disney Springs, but for this one, we’re headed to where it all started in Florida. Don’t miss this delicious, yet simple, sweet treat in Magic Kingdom!

Over at Big Top Treats, we spotted the new Minnie Mouse Red Velvet Cupcake for $5.49. This is a red velvet cupcake with buttercream frosting, two chocolate Mickey ears, and a white chocolate bow.

Red Velvet Minnie Mouse Cupcake

The cake was surprisingly moist! The chocolate flavor was pretty low-key and not too overwhelming, which we enjoyed. We believe the chocolate ears were dark chocolate (they were very rich) while the white chocolate bow was basic but not too sweet. We also liked the toppings and decorations and the way the sprinkles gave some texture to the buttercream.

So cute!

We noticed the frosting had a slight “red dye” flavor and we wish it was cream cheese frosting to go with the red velvet. There’s no filling in this cupcake so it’s pretty basic, but sometimes you just want a classic cupcake, so we don’t consider this bad in our book!

However, we did notice that there’s a much smaller amount of frosting on this cupcake than we normally see on Disney World cupcakes. Here’s a look at how much frosting was on a Stitch cupcake we tried recently

Stitch Cupcake

…compared to this Red Velvet Cupcake. Where’d it all go?? 🤔 So if you’re not a huge fan of frosting, this is definitely the cupcake for you!

Inside the cupcake

If you’re a red velvet fan or just want a classic cupcake, check this one out at Big Top Treats! Want to check out some of our other recent reviews? Check out the Disney World meal we’re STILL confused about, and why this all-you-can-eat restaurant is NOT for everyone. As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney news!

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