REVIEW: There’s a NEW Funnel Cake in Disney World!

After the whirlwind of trying out all of the Flower and Garden eats, we’re back in EPCOT for round two!

Funnel Cake Stand

This time we’re back at the Funnel Cake Stand in the American Adventure pavilion for a new treat that may or may not have us questioning our taste buds.

This favorite EPCOT spot is serving up a new dish called the Cold Fudge Funnel Cake. Yeah, we were a little intrigued by the name too! This funnel cake is being served as part of Celebrate Herstory, Disney’s celebration of Women’s History Month. This classic funnel cake is topped with chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate chips and can be purchased for $9.50.

Cold Fudge Funnel Cake

First impression? For the price, you’re getting a generous helping! You may want to share this with a friend because it was pretty loaded with toppings.

Cold Fudge Funnel Cake

We were a little skeptical at first — “cold” doesn’t really go with the notion of funnel cakes. But once we dug in, we really enjoyed this treat! The chocolate-covered ice cream really reminded us of those soft-serve ice cream cones with chocolate shells, and the cold temperature worked really well with the warm and fresh funnel cake. The chocolate covering the ice cream also kept it cold longer, a plus when you’re eating outside in the Florida sun.

Who knew ice cream and funnel cake were a match made in snack heaven?

The ice cream was a simple vanilla flavor, but it complemented the chocolate well. We also liked the crunchy texture the chocolate shell and chips added, especially because once the ice cream did start to melt it made the center of the funnel cake a little soggy.

Close up on all of those delicious toppings

If you love chocolate chip ice cream or want something a little different than the standard funnel cake, we suggest trying this! This is also a great treat if you’re searching for something to split between two people, especially when you consider this is cheaper than the normal funnel cake at this stand.

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