Does This Disney Treat Mean We Can Have Ice Cream for Breakfast? 😮

A hot summer day at Disney World isn’t complete until you’ve had at least one ice cream. And let’s face it, isn’t it almost always summer in Orlando?

Salt and Straw in Disney Springs

A fan-favorite ice cream spot at Disney World is Salt and Straw in Disney Springs. Salt and Straw is known for pushing things to the limit when it comes to experimenting with ice cream flavors. They’re also known to do seasonal series of ice cream flavors that you can only get for a limited time. People RAVE about their cereal-flavored ice cream that comes around each spring.

Salt and Straw shared that the ‘Cereal-sly Delicious Series’ would be RETURNING in stores and online for a limited time! You can get your fix of cereal ice cream starting TOMORROW, March 4th, 2023.

Among the flavors joining the lineup are Pots of Gold n Rainbows, featuring Lucky Charms!

©Salt and Straw

Looking for something with more of a fruity flavor? You can get Cornflake Cookies With Marionberry Jam!

©Salt and Straw

This one is for the peanut butter lovers! Peanut Butter Brownie Cereal Puffs is also available.

©Salt and Straw

Rum Custard With Raisin Shortbread and Bran Butter is another solid addition!

©Salt and Straw

Looking for vegan options? You can get the OffLimits Zombie With Coconut and Pandan!

©Salt and Straw

These ice cream flavors sound delicious. Does cereal ice cream mean we can have ice cream for breakfast?

Salt and Straw

If you’re wanting to try out these amazing-sounding treats, head to Salt and Straw in Disney Springs this month! We’re always on the lookout for more Disney snacks that we think you guys should try, so stay tuned for more. Plus, if you’re looking for some Disney Springs recommendations, click the link below!

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Will you be trying any of these cereal ice creams? Let us know in the comments! 


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