Shh! We’re Going to Let You in on a SECRET from EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival

The Flower & Garden Festival in EPCOT brings lots of outdoor kitchens (AKA food booths) to the park, but those aren’t the only places to find festival eats!

Sunshine Seasons

The 2023 EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival has officially begun and it has a LOT to offer. Of course, you could definitely check out all of those food booths, but don’t forget to find the limited-time eats at permanent restaurants around EPCOT. Come with us now to Sunshine Seasons to get a hidden festival treat!


Over at Sunshine Seasons, there’s just one festival offering on the menu: the Strawberry-Mango Slushy. If you don’t know that this drink is here, you might totally miss it! This is a good reminder to take a full look at those Flower & Garden menus to see what other spots are hiding Festival treats so you don’t miss out on something you might love. Now, let’s try it out!


We grabbed the Strawberry-Mango Slushy (which is nonalcoholic) for $5.69.

This was…okay. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very smooth — instead, it had more of an icy consistency. And the strawberry section sadly didn’t have a ton of flavor. The mango part, on the other hand, had a much bolder flavor and was WAY creamier. Neither part really impressed us though (sadly).

Strawberry Mango Slushy

Note that you can get these flavors together or separately. If you’re looking for something that isn’t too sweet or thick (maybe a good choice when you just need something refreshing to beat the heat), we might recommend getting the strawberry on its own. Otherwise, this unfortunately wasn’t a particularly impressive treat for us. But if you give it a try and love it, drop us a comment below and definitely let us know!


Overall, we wish the strawberry flavor had been stronger and that the drink had been creamier, but if you want a non-alcoholic, sweet drink with fun colors, this could be something worth checking out.

Our Drink

That’s it for this spot, but there’s a LOT more where that came from!

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