EVERYTHING You Need to Eat and Drink at the 2023 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival

The 2023 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival has ARRIVED!

Buzz Lightyear Topiary

From March 1st through July 5th you can enjoy new eats, specialty merchandise, all kinds of entertainment, a food challenge, and SO much more. We’ve been making our way through all of the food booths and sharing detailed reviews with you. But what are the very BEST dishes and drinks at the Festival this year? We’ve got the list you need right here!

Here’s our list of the very BEST eats and drinks at the 2023 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival!

New Bests

Chicken and Waffles at The Honey Bee-stro

First on our NEW bests lists is the OH SO DELICIOUS Chicken & Waffles from The Honey Bee-stro! Y’all, these are no joke. The dish features crispy honey-brined chicken and honey sweet cornbread waffle with whipped honey butter and spicy honey for $6.75, and it is amazing.

Chicken and Waffles

The chicken is crispy and juicy, and the cornbread (with those little jalapeno bits in it) is so wonderfully savory, which balances out the sweetness of the honey butter. The chicken was a little on the fatty/chewy side for us, but the dish as a whole is still incredible, particularly with just how the flavors mixed together. We have a feeling you’ll be verrrrrry glad you tried this!

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Orange Sesame Tempura Shrimp at The Citrus Blossom

If you love shrimp, get ready to meet a new favorite eat! The new Orange Sesame Tempura Shrimp at The Citrus Blossom is an absolutely fantastic dish and one of the best things we ate at the Festival (hence why it’s on this list!).

Orange Sesame Tempura Shrimp

The shrimp are lightly fried which prevents them from being overly greasy, and the sweet sesame chile orange sauce is full of citrus flavor, sweet, and delicious! It’s got a little bit of heat, but not too much. Plus, it comes with a decent amount of shrimp for just $7, making it totally shareable (if you’re willing to give some of these up!).

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Orange Blossom-Saffron Cake from Tangierine Cafe: Flavors of the Medina

If you want a dessert that’s unique and fun, grab the NEW Orange Blossom-Saffron Cake from Tangierine Cafe for $5! The cake is a lot nuttier than we expected, but not necessarily in a bad way. Instead of having a strong fruity flavor, the cake reminds us of a nutty, almond-paste-type treat.


The raspberry syrup on the bottom is THICK and really adds a wonderful flavor to the cake as a whole. Plus it is a decently-sized portion, making it a decent value for $5. Just note that if you have a nut allergy, you will want to avoid this snack.

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Returning Bests

Coconut Tres Leches at La Isla Fresca

As soon as we took a bite of the Coconut Tres Leches last year, we KNEW this was a winner. And we are so thrilled to see the dessert has returned in 2023! What makes this treat especially unique is that it is plant-based. It features a vanilla cake soaked in oat milk, almond milk, and coconut milk with toasted coconut.

Coconut Tres Leches

The coconut flavor, while certainly present, isn’t too overwhelming (though we did find it to be a little more coconut-y this year than before). Plus the cake is super moist but not to the point of being overly soaked. It was one of our favorite desserts in the entire Festival last year and we think it could become one of your favorites too. Plus, it’s part of the Garden Graze food challenge, so you can have a delicious treat AND work your way up to get a prize. Try this snack for $4.75.

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Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites at Brunchcot

Brunchcot is “new” to the Festival this year, but its menu mainly consists of returning dishes, and we are NOT mad at that. One particular favorite here is the Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites (formerly at The Sunshine Griddle booth). These lovely little beauties come with cream cheese frosting and candied bacon and they are EVERYTHING.

Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites with cream cheese frosting and candied bacon

The filling is generous, they’re loaded with cinnamon and sugar, and the cream cheese icing pairs well with all of the flavors. In the past, we’ve felt that the candied bacon didn’t really mix well with the icing, but that didn’t really bother our reporter this year. The flaky pastry combined with the cinnamon sugar was fantastic. We’d happily order a dozen of these in a heartbeat! Try them for yourself for $4.75.

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Shrimp and Grits at Brunchcot

Another returning favorite is also on the menu at Brunchcot and we couldn’t be happier. The Shrimp and Grits here are NOT to be missed. You might be thinking, “I can get shrimp and grits anywhere!” But these are special!

This dish comes with blackened shrimp and cheddar cheese grits with brown gravy and sweet corn salsa and it is SHOCKINGLY good.

Shrimp and Grits

When we’ve had these in the past, we’ve found the grits to be nice and buttery, while the salsa gives the dish a level of sweetness (plus a little kick!). This year, they delivered once again and were actually our FAVORITE thing at the entire booth. The seasoning has a touch of heat but isn’t overwhelming. The grits had a lovely texture, and everything mixed together so well. Try them for yourself for $7.25.

Avocado Toast at Brunchot

Yes, there’s ANOTHER favorite at Brunchcot — the Avocado Toast! Again, this might sound like a dish you can make or get anywhere, but believe us when we say this one is worth a try. The dish is made with marinated toybox tomatoes on toasted ciabatta and it is delicious.

Avocado Toast with marinated toybox tomatoes on toasted ciabatta

We wish that the portion size was bigger for the price, but the avocado is seasoned well, the toppings are wonderful, and the dish is absolutely beautiful. Plus those fresh tomatoes add an amazing zing. And this is another one on the Garden Graze challenge, so it’s a win/win. Get it this year for $6.

Orange-Lemon Smoothie in a Souvenir Orange Bird Sipper Cup at The Citrus Blossom

If you didn’t get an Orange Bird Sipper did you really go to the Flower & Garden Festival? 😉 Really, the drink and sipper combo here is a great way to get a delicious drink that’ll cool you down as you walk around EPCOT AND a souvenir that’ll keep you thinking sunny thoughts all day long.

Orange-Lemon Smoothie in a Souvenir Orange Bird Sipper Cup

The Orange-Lemon Smoothie is non-alcoholic (making it again a good pick for the whole family) and it is literally like drinking an orange sherbet or a creamsicle, in the BEST way possible.

Orange-Lemon Smoothie

Grab this combo for $15.

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Taco Vampiro at Jardin de Fiestas

Get ready for a seriously savory and delicious eat — the Taco Vampiro is a returning dish from the past and is WELL worth the $8.75 cost. It features Barbacoa Beef in a Corn Tortilla with crispy grilled Monterey jack cheese, salsa ranchera, and esquites.

Taco Vampiro

In the past, this dish has been okay but could use more seasoning. This year, it totally stepped up its game. We found the taco to be deliciously crispy and cheesy on the outside. Combine that with the nice kick from the salsa and the tasty barbacoa beef and you’ve got an AMAZING dish we’d totally order again!

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Beignet Caramélisé at Fleur de Lys

You’ve had a classic Mickey beignet. Maybe you’ve even had beignets covered in special toppings. But now there’s another beignet you’ve got to try — the returning Beignet Caramélisé! This amazing dish is made with a caramelized beignet filled with vanilla cream and glazed with caramel fleur de sel, and yes, it’s every bit as good as it sounds (and looks).

Beignet Caramélisé, Fourré Crème Vanille, Glacé au Caramel Fleur de Sel

This treat is thicker than your typical beignet and the crystallized caramel glaze is INCREDIBLE. Just be warned — that topping can be extra hard and might just chip a tooth, so consider breaking it with your hands or a knife before you bite into it! Still, the risk is worth it because the bread is fluffy and the filling is wonderfully creamy. If you haven’t tried this already, add it to your must-get list — you can thank us later! Grab it for $5.95.

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La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush at Fleur de Lys

La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush is a returning drink at the France booth and it is one you shouldn’t miss! Made with Vodka, Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and white and red cranberry juices, the drink is $14.50, making it pricey but well worth it.

La Vie en Rose

It’s light, sweet (but not overly so), and incredibly refreshing. Seriously, this is an ideal drink for a hot day in EPCOT and its pink color makes it great for photos too.

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade at Pineapple Promenade

Need another drink to pair with all the tasty eats you’re grabbing? The Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade is a STAPLE at the Flower & Garden Festival for good reason. If you haven’t tried it already, what are you waiting for?!

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade

The drink is refreshing, not too sweet, and very flavorful with slight floral notes. Plus it’s non-alcoholic so the whole family can take a sip (if you’re willing to share, that is!).

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Spicy Hot Dog at Pineapple Promenade

A Hot Dog on the Best of the Fest list? It’s really happening! The Spicy Hot Dog with Pineapple Chutney and Plantain Chips is $8 at Pineapple Promenade and is a returning item that really impressed us this year! It is TRULY spicy, like one of the SPICIEST things we tried at the Festival. The spice really comes from the sauce, so you could ask for less of that if you want, but we really enjoyed it.

Spicy Hot Dog with pineapple chutney and plantain chips

While the hot dog and the bun are pretty basic, the toppings make this a star! The pineapple salsa, crunchy plantain chips, and spicy sauce are fantastic. We could see this being an easy item to pick up and enjoy for lunch while walking around the Festival, so don’t overlook it even though it might seem a bit “basic” at first.

Learn more about Pineapple Promenade here!

Spicy Chicken Gumbo at Magnolia Terrace

WOAHHHH. This returning gumbo is one you will not want to miss! The Spicy Chicken Gumbo is made with chicken, andouille sausage, and BEN’S ORIGINAL Long Grain & Wild Rice and is $6.25. It really surprised us this year.

Spicy Chicken Gumbo

It’s not super spicy, but there is definitely a kick here (which we really enjoyed, but could see as being a bit too much for some people). The rice was wonderfully chewy, and the chicken was soft. Overall the flavors were fiery in a great way. It might be a heavy dish on a super hot day, but it really impressed us!

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Honorable Mention

House-Made Cheesy Crab Wantons at Lotus House

This returning item might sound “basic” but sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple snack done well! The House-Made Cheesy Crab Wantons are $7.75 and they were absolutely yummy!

House-made Cheesy Crab Wontons

The filling had a stronger crab flavor this year, which we really enjoyed. Plus, the wontons were tender and crunchy, and the sweet and sour sauce on top was a wonderful addition! Don’t overlook these — you might just find a new Festival favorite!

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Best BOOTH at the Fest

Tie: Brunchcot

In the words of our reporter who tried this, Brunchcot is a “killer booth.” Put differently, this booth “SLAPS” (we hear that’s a phrase the younglings may use these days). This pick was probably obvious based on the number of dishes from the booth that made our Best of the Fest list as individual items above, but it deserves it.

While most of the items here are returning ones, that doesn’t stop this booth from being amazing. Really, nothing here misses.


The shrimp and grits are amazing, we could eat dozens of the cinnamon roll bites, the avocado toast is colorful and delicious, the Froot Loops shake is so fun for kids, and the Lox Benedict was really good too (especially with that runny egg on top). Get one thing here, get a few, or get everything — no matter what you decide we have a feeling you’ll leave happy!

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Tie: Fleur de Lys

We have a TIE! Another awesome booth at this year’s Festival is Fleur de Lys (in the France pavilion). While fewer of its dishes made our Best of the Fest list individually, the various menu items here are still fantastic and as a whole, the booth has a great sense of balance.

We thought the croissant with goat cheese was heavenly, the gnocchi was delicious, the chocolate tart was rich and nutty, and the beignet was fantastic. Pair that with the DELICIOUS Le Vie en Rose Frozen Slush and the lovely wine and you have an absolute winner of a booth.

Full Spread

We do have to give one warning though — many of the dishes here feel quite heavy! That can be tough to deal with when facing the Florida heat. But we still think the dishes are absolutely delicious. What we especially love about this booth is that it has a great variety of items — both savory and sweet. You could easily get 1 savory item, 1 dessert, and 1 drink here and leave satisfied, full, and happy, and THAT is the sign of an amazing booth.

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Best of the Fest for Kids

Froot Loops Shake at Brunchcot

If you’ve got a kiddo who simply loves Froot Loops, add Brunchcot to your MUST-VISIT list! The Froot Loops Shake is a returning favorite here for little ones and it’s definitely earned that spot.

Froot Loops Shake

It tastes like drinking cereal milk, but with an even stronger Froot Loops flavor (in a good way). The cereal on top adds a nice crunch, it’s not overly sweet, and the drink as a whole is just delightful. It’s like having breakfast and dessert all at once (and we don’t mind!). Get one for the kiddo in your life (or yourself!) for $4.75.

See the full Brunchcot review here!

Frushi at Hanami

Frushi is an iconic returning dish at the Festival and one that kiddos (and adults) could really enjoy! Basically, it’s what it sounds like — a fruit-focused sushi with strawberry, pineapple, and lychee wrapped in sweet rice and pink soy wrap served with whipped cream, drizzled raspberry sauce, and toasted coconut.


It gives you the fun shape of sushi and the adventure of a pink soy wrap and sweet rice, with the familiarity of fruits and whipped cream. To us, it tasted just like strawberry milk. Fruity, sweet, light, and refreshing it’s a snack that’s pretty, fun to eat, and delicious — win, win…win! Get it for $7.50.

See our full review of Hanami here!

Budino alle Nocciole at Primavera Kitchen

If you want something NEW at the Festival to give your kiddos, head on over to Primavera Kitchen to try the Chocolate-hazelnut pudding with cookie crumble. This is priced at $6.75 and is an awesome pick for little ones.

Budino alle Nocciole

First, the design is ADORABLE. Meant to look like a planter with “dirt” on top and a little plant growing out of it (plus a gummy “worm”), it practically YELLS “fun” at you. Plus the chocolate and hazelnut flavors make it approachable. It’s simple and straightforward but totally worth a try for little ones.

See more about Primavera Kitchen here!

Best Plant-Based Dish

IMPOSSIBLE Lumpia at Trowel & Trellis

If you’re looking for the plant-based finger food of your wildest dreams, we found it and it’s called IMPOSSIBLE Lumpia! This delicious treat is made with Thai sweet chili sauce and is $5.50. It’s got some sweet flavors balanced with a bit of heat, and is sticky on the outside thanks to that amazing chili sauce!

IMPOSSIBLE Lumpia with Thai sweet chili sauce

We do want to note, however, that the IMPOSSIBLE “meat” on the inside of the roll didn’t mesh perfectly with the sweet chili sauce on the outside. There was just a slight clash in flavors there, which is something to be prepared for. But that doesn’t prevent this from being one of the BEST plant-based dishes we had at the Festival. Our plant-based eater who tried this fully admitted that it’s one they’ll likely get over and over again (portable and tasty makes this a WIN) so it might be worth a try!

Click here for our FULL review of the Trowel & Trellis booth

And that’s it for our BEST of the FEST picks! What items would YOU add to your personal best-of-the-fest list? Tell us in the comments! And stay tuned for more Festival news.

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