Why Is No One Talking About This EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival Booth?!

The Flower and Garden Festival is HERE, y’all!

2023 Northern Bloom Booth

It’s officially time for the 2023 EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival and we’re finding out what it has to offer. There are plenty of food booths with tasty itemsunique topiaries to check outmerchandise to grab (of course), and even concerts to watch. But we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. And now we’re heading to one spot in particular — the Northern Bloom Outdoor Kitchen — to let you know if it’s worth a visit!


Over at Northern Bloom, you’ll find a variety of available items. A few are returning from previous years — we’ve tried the Seared Scallops and Beef Tenderloin Tips in years past, as well as all of the beverages. But this year the Chocolate Maple Whisky Cake is new!

2023 Menu

Now that we’ve taken a look at the menu, let’s dive into the food itself!


First up, we grabbed Seared Scallops with French green beans, butter potatoes, brown butter vinaigrette, and Nueske’s Applewood-smoked Bacon. Just like last year, this is one of the gluten-free options at the festival. You can get a serving for $7.50.

Last year we thought they were great! The scallops were cooked well and the bacon topping was a nice addition. This year was no different — the scallops were tender and not chewy, and the green beans with the vinaigrette were fresh and delicious. The bacon with the scallops and potatoes together make for the perfect bite.

Seared Scallops

Next, we had Beef Tenderloin Tips, mushroom bordelaise sauce, and whipped potatoes with garden vegetables. This is another returning dish that you can grab for $7. This dish was very hearty and savory in the past, and we really liked it! This time around, we thought they were a hit yet again — though we do think the whipped potatoes could have been a bit saltier (that could have just been us though!).

Beef Tenderloin Tips

If you’re looking for something sweet — this booth has a NEW dessert on the menu. The Chocolate Maple Whisky Cake is a rich chocolate cake with maple and whisky sauce.

Chocolate Maple Whisky Cake

 You can get this treat for $4.50. We thought this dessert was excellent. The cake itself was moist, and there was some sort of crunch that added a nice texture. It was rich and chocolatey with the perfect amount of maple icing and just a hint of whisky flavor. Definitely a must-try if you’re a chocolate fan.


The popular non-alcoholic Maple Popcorn Shake is returning this year. You can get this for $4.75, or, you have the option to add Tap 357 Maple Rye Whisky and get this drink spiked for $12. In the past, we thought this tasted a bit like drinking maple syrup — that might sound odd but we loved it!

Maple Popcorn Shake 2022

There’s also the Collective Arts Brewing Honey Lager, Glutenberg Blonde Ale from Montreal, and the 81Bay Brewing Co. Apricot with Maple Syrup. Each costs $5.50/6oz or $9.50/12oz, or you can get the flight for $10. We opted for the flight!

Northern Bloom Beer Flight

Previously, our least favorite was the Glutenberg Blonde Ale — it was a bit dry and a little boring, and the aftertaste was a bit harsh. The 81Bay Brewing Co. Apricot with Maple Syrup, as weird as it sounds, was our favorite from the flight last year!  The Collective Arts Brewing Honey Lager was tasty! We liked it the best out of the flight this year, though the Apricot Maple beer was also a great one!


Yet again, this booth continues to be a stellar option. We really enjoyed everything we had here this year, and although the two savory dishes weren’t new, they’re still some of our favorites. The Chocolate Maple Whisky Cake is an excellent addition to Northern Bloom, so stop on by to get your fix!

That’s it for the Northern Bloom booth this year. Stay tuned as we try ALL the outdoor kitchens from the festival and bring you full reviews!

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