Magic Kingdom’s Most Popular Restaurant Has CHANGED

The day has finally arrived — another thing is back to “normal” in Disney World!

Cinderella Castle

Over the past few months/years, we’ve seen many things go back to “normal” throughout Disney World. Fantasmic! has returned, buffets are back at many spots, and various experiences have reopened. But one iconic restaurant had changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was still modified for YEARS…until now.

One of the most popular restaurants in all of Magic Kingdom (and perhaps all of Disney World) is Cinderella’s Royal Table. Located INSIDE Cinderella Castle, it’s one of those you’ve-got-to-do-it-once-in-your-life spots. Years ago, the restaurant was home to a character meal with some of the most famous Disney princesses. But after the COVID-19 pandemic closures and reopenings, Cinderella’s Royal Table CHANGED.

Since its reopening, the restaurant has only featured limited appearances or a limited meet-and-greet with Cinderella. But now things have CHANGED!

Cinderella’s Royal Table

As of February 28th, the Princesses have officially returned to Cinderella’s Royal Table! We (of course) made our way over to this popular spot to see what this experience is like now.

Princesses are back!

You will enter the Castle in the same way as you did before, and find that you’ll still encounter a Cinderella meet-and-greet before your meal.

Hey Cindy!

But, you’ll also find some of Cindy’s royal friends meeting with guests, taking pictures, and roaming around the main dining space throughout your meal. We saw Jasmine


Snow White

Snow White

…and Aurora!


Essentially, it’s back to “normal” here in the Castle, with your typical character dining experience, complete with personalized interactions and photos. Though Cinderella is still meeting guests prior to the meal, we’ll be keeping an eye on this to see if it will eventually change as well so that Cindy is greeting guests in the dining room instead.

But be warned. This change has come with a price increase at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Here were the old prices:

  • Breakfast: $45/adult and $29/kid
  • Lunch: $67/adult and $39/kid
  • Dinner: $67/adult and $39/kid

And here are the updated prices:

  • Breakfast: $65/adult and $39/kid
  • Lunch: $79/adult and $47/kid
  • Dinner: $79/adult and $47/kid

Cinderella’s Royal Table

So while you may now feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck (thanks to the return of the princesses) you’ll also have to pay more bucks to get that bang.

We’ll be sharing a FULL review of Cinderella’s Royal Table, including our complete thoughts on the dishes we ordered here, so stay tuned for more!

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