BRB, Changing Our Permanent Residence to THIS EPCOT Festival Booth

There’s only one new booth at the 2023 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival…but is that booth even new at all?

2023 BRUNCHCOT Booth

BRUNCHCOT is the new booth, and it replaced the Sunshine Griddle booth from last year. We really liked a lot of the eats at Sunshine Griddle, so we’re glad to see that a lot of the menu has stayed the same, despite the name change. However, there are also a few new additions! So come along with us to check them out and find out whether you should prioritize or skip this booth.


Over at the BRUNCHCOT food booth, you’ll find a variety of available items that look pretty familiar! There’s Avocado Toast, Shrimp and Grits, and Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites, all of which were on the menu at Sunshine Griddle. New this year is the Lox Benedict on Everything Focaccia.

Look at that menu!

For drinks, there’s the returning Froot Loops Shake and Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew Cocktail, and you can also get the new Peach Bellini.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the menu, let’s dive into the food itself!


First up, we grabbed the Avocado Toast, which is made with Marinated Toy Box Tomatoes on Toasted Ciabatta. It’s a plant-based option, and it’s part of the Garden Graze food stroll as well! You can get it for $6.

Avocado Toast with marinated toybox tomatoes on toasted ciabatta

Last year, we thought this snack was fantastic. But this year? We’re wishing a little bit that the portion was bigger. However, the avocado itself was seasoned well, we loved the toppings, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The tomatoes were incredibly fresh and add a nice zing.

Cut pic of the toast

Next, we got the Shrimp and Grits, which is Blackened Shrimp and Cheddar Cheese Grits with Brown Gravy and Sweet Corn Salsa. It costs $7.25. When we tried this dish in 2022, the grits were nice and buttery while the salsa was sweet with a little kick. We were big fans! So how does this year’s dish stack up?

Shrimp and Grits

It surprised us! This was actually our FAVORITE thing at the booth this year. The seasoning had a touch of heat to it, but not so much that it was overwhelming. The grits themselves were a great texture and we enjoyed the mixture of flavors and textures that the toppings added.


We also tried the NEW Lox Benedict on Everything Focaccia with Everything-Spiced Cream Cheese, Shallots, Crispy Capers, and Hollandaise Sauce for $7.50.

Lox Benedict on Everything Focaccia

This one also surprised us with how delicious it was! The runny egg was a great addition on top, and the capers added some zing that we enjoyed. You get a solid portion of greens, and the smoked salmon wasn’t too fishy…even for someone who doesn’t love smoked salmon!

A look inside

We’ll finish with dessert! The Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites with Cream Cheese Frosting and Candied Bacon was one of our favorite treats from last year. You can get them now for $4.75.

Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites with cream cheese frosting and candied bacon

Last year, the bites were filling and delicious, generously loaded with cinnamon and sugar, and absolutely indulgent. We didn’t love the combination of bacon and cream cheese icing, but that didn’t stop us from wanting to order a dozen of the bites and scarf them down in a heartbeat. Is this treat still a winner?

The short answer? YES! The long answer? They reminded us of Cinnabon Bites from Taco Bell, but if they were 600 times better. The pastry is flaky and covered in cinnamon sugar and we just overall enjoyed every moment eating these.

Time for dessert!

Now time for the drinks!


In terms of drinks at this booth, we got the nonalcoholic Froot Loops Shake for $4.75. We’ve really enjoyed this drink in the past, and this year was no different! It tastes like drinking cereal milk, but with even MORE Froot Loops flavor. The cereal on the top adds a nice crunch and it’s absolutely delightful. It’s not too sweet and we recommend it highly for the kiddos!

Froot Loops Shake

We also tried out the new Peach Bellini for $11. It’s pretty basic, and a little bit light on the peach. We mostly tasted the sparkling wine flavor.

Peach Bellini

You can also get the Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew Cocktail with milk, Kahlúa Rum and Coffee Liqueur, and vanilla vodka for $10.50.

Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew Cocktail

When we’ve had this drink before, we thought it was pretty strong but generally a great mix of coffee and alcohol.


THIS. BOOTH. SLAPS. What else can we even say? Not a single thing missed the mark here, and some of these items were even over-the-top amazing. Is it even legal for a festival booth to have this much good food?!

Even if you’re not a brunch person, we might still recommend stopping by this booth. There was a pretty long line when we arrived, but we totally understand why — the menu is stellar! The Shrimp & Grits were probably our favorite thing, but we also really enjoyed the Cinnamon Roll Bites and the Froot Loops Shake. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to hype ourselves up to leave this booth…we could stay here all day!

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