The Best Rides at Blizzard Beach, Ranked

It’s no secret: Disney World can get HOT. When you’re on hour number five of your rope drop day in the middle of the summer, you’d give your left shoe for a dip in the water.

Blizzard Beach

Disney World has two water parks perfect for cooling off, and one has a particularly chilly theme perfect for the days when you feel like you’re melting faster than a DOLE Whip!

Legend has it a massive snowstorm hit Orlando and locals built a ski resort to take advantage of the unexpected weather. The storm left as quickly as it began, the ice and snow melted, and we were left with Blizzard Beach. This is why you’ll se plenty of snow-capped mountains, ski chutes, and even a chair lift!

Lots of snow!

You can pick from a variety of attractions at this water park, from thrilling slides to a classic wave pool.

12. Chairlift

The Chairlift is the way that you reach several attractions, including Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher, and Teamboat Springs. You have to be at least 32-inches tall to ride.

Chairlift to Summit Plummet

We ranked this spot last because … it’s literally just a way to get to a ride. The views are nice, but the chairlift itself isn’t very exciting. At least you won’t have to climb up a ton of stairs to reach your destination!

11. Snow Stormers

The Snow Stormers are a set of three winding waterslides. They take you down a snowy mountain as you race against others in a slalom ski race.

© Disney

Instead of sliding on your back or using an inner tube this ride has guests lay on their stomachs on a mat, which isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. It can be tricky to keep the mat in place! However, there’s no height requirement, so this might be a good choice for big kids who have graduated from the smaller waterslides.

10. Slush Gusher

Slush Gusher is a 90-foot, high-speed waterslide. It’s basically the junior version of Summit Plummet, so if you’re interested in a thrill but don’t want to commit to the biggest slide in the park you could try this one out.

© Disney

Guests must be at least 48-inches tall for this waterslide. There are two hills you’ll meet on the way down, which for some can be exciting but for others they can be pretty uncomfortable. Sometimes when you hit them you’ll catch a little air which is fun until you land back down on the slide!

9. Melt-Away Bay

Melt-Away Bay is Blizzard Beach’s wave pool. You can grab an inner tube to float on or just relax into the water as you bob along to the waves. There’s also a white sand beach with lounge chairs where you can enjoy a nap.

Melt-Away Bay

This is your pretty standard wave pool. It’s nothing exciting, but a good place to take a break. One reviewer noted that it was a bit difficult to find inner tubes on busy days, so you may need to catch someone as they leave and politely ask for theirs.

8. Toboggan Racers

Toboggan Racers pits 8 guests against each other as they race down individual slalom-style waterslides. This is another attraction where you’ll use a mat, and there’s no height requirement for guests.

© Disney

For those traveling with family or friends this could be a fun activity to do together. All of the slides are 250-feet long and feature exhilarating hills and dips.

7. Tike’s Peak

This is one of several areas for kids in Blizzard Beach. Tike’s Peak is for those 48-inches tall or under and includes splash areas as well as pint-sized slides!

‘Frozen’ additions to Blizzard Beach!

Last year, Tike’s Peak received some Frozen theming! You can see Anna and Elsa in their igloo castle as well as Olaf with a bunch of tiny Snowgies. There’s also plenty of seating around the area for guardians.

6. Ski Patrol Training Camp

The other area for kids is the Ski Patrol Training Camp. There’s no height requirement here, and there are plenty of obstacles and waterslides to enjoy! The Frozen Pipe Springs is an enclosed slide, and Snow Falls is an open body slide.

Blizzard Beach

There’s also an area called Thin Ice Training Course where kids can test their balance walking across ice floes, and another inner tube slide as well as a zip line! This is a great area for slightly older kids to have fun and explore.

5. Runoff Rapids

This is a combination of three inner tube slides that twist and turn around each other and offer different experiences. The center slide is a fully enclosed tube that’s dark apart from small pinpricks of light before you emerge at the end!

© Disney

The outer slides are open air and as you travel down you’ll be snaking over, around, and under the middle slide! These are high-speed slides with no height requirement, and offer moderate thrills, perfect for those looking for something in between Summit Plummet and the smaller slides.

4. Teamboat Springs

Teamboat Springs is a family raft ride that can sit up to 6 people. It’s a generous 1,200-feet long and wide enough that your raft will gently rock from side to side as you make your way down!

© Disney

You’ll come across twists, turns, and drenching sprays through your whitewater journey. This ride is great for the whole family to enjoy together!

3. Downhill Double Dipper

Another ride to enjoy with others is Downhill Double Dipper. These twin waterslides let two people race down on their inner tubes to see who will make it to the bottom first!

© Disney

This attraction is for those 48-inches tall and higher. You’ll feel like you’re entering a real race when the retracting starting gate opens up and you begin your descent. This slide gives guests extra excitement by starting off in an enclosed tube before opening up right before you reach the finish line!

2. Summit Plummet

Summit Plummet is THE thrill ride in Blizzard Beach. You’ll plunge down 12 stories on this 360-foot-long slide as you reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour! It’s the third-tallest and fastest free-fall slide in the entire world.

Summit Plummet ©Disney

For thrill-seekers this is a don’t-miss attraction. Even guests who don’t normally opt for the more intense rides will take on Summit Plummet just to say they’ve done it!

1. Cross Country Creek

Who doesn’t love a lazy river? Cross Country Creek is Blizzard Beach’s, and it’s the perfect place to rest as the water carries you along the path. One reviewer noted that this is the longest lazy river they’ve ever been on, which just means more time to snooze!

Cross Country Creek at Blizzard Beach

You might come across some waterfalls that will shower you with freezing cold water, so don’t be surprised! On a hot summer’s day they can be pretty welcome. Cross Country Creek is a fan favorite, and that’s why it’s ranked number 1!

Next time you visit Blizzard Beach, be sure to check out these different attractions. Whether you’re looking for thrills, something for the kids, or just to relax, they’ve got you covered.

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