The BIG Problem You’ll Run Into at Disneyland Right Now

Inclement weather can really ruin a theme park day.

Mickey and Goofy in Disneyland!

While Disney World is prone to lots of storms and potential hurricanes, Disneyland has its days as well. Today is DEFINITELY one of those days — here’s why today is NOT a good day to be in Disneyland.

There are flood watches in effect currently in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, meaning it’s POURING. Storms in Disney parks cause many outdoor rides close down for the safety of guests and to keep the rides in top condition. This means that in Disneyland right now, there are TONS of rides down.

Lots of closed rides

Normally this means that the wait times of interior rides would skyrocket, but on as gross of a day as this, wait times are incredibly low. Many guests are likely avoiding the parks today to stay dry.

SO low!

Disney parks are known for being able to withstand a lot but to show you how bad the weather really is in the area, TWO other theme parks in the area have closed their doors for the day. Knott’s Berry Farm is closed today…

…as well as Six Flags Magic Mountain.

We’ve made a whole video on what happens when Disney World floods, but we’re about to find out about what happens in Disneyland. As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disneyland news!

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Would you stay in Disneyland on a day like this to take advantage of the low wait times? Tell us in the comments!

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