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Nope, we’re not talking about food — although, we do talk about that a lot. We’re also not here today to share advice for Genie+ or dining reservations or when the least crowded time to visit is (that last one’s a little hard to predict these days anyway). It’s time to talk about one thing and one thing only…BATHROOMS.

They’re a necessity in Disney World, and we all use them, so even if it’s a little taboo, we feel like we need to discuss it. And we’ll be the first to tell you that not all theme park bathrooms are created equal. In fact, we have some STRONG vendettas against certain bathrooms, so we’re sharing some of the most important tips you’ll need for your trip — the restrooms that you should avoid!

Magic Kingdom

Next to Star Traders and Auntie Gravity’s

Let’s start out our list in Magic Kingdom, where we’re heading to Tomorrowland. Perhaps the most popular restrooms over here are the ones by Star Traders…but that’s EXACTLY why you should avoid them! These bathrooms are out in the open, so they’re usually really busy and not always clean. And trust us, you don’t want to wait in line for a bathroom in the heat of summer in Tomorrowland!

Tomorrowland Bathrooms

Instead, we recommend heading over near Space Mountain, where there’s another set of restrooms behind the Rockettower Plaza Stage. These have quite a few stalls and are usually a lot calmer and cleaner than the others in Tomorrowland.

In Storybook Circus

Storybook Circus has SO many things going for it — cute theming, lots of activities for kids, great character meets, etc. But the one thing you should avoid there? The bathrooms! Why? Well, because in our experience, the floor here seems to usually be WET.

There’s a splash pad for kiddos right outside these bathrooms, so they’re constantly being tramped through by slightly damp (or completely soaked) little ones. And since the Walt Disney World Railroad reopened and the station is attached to these bathrooms, we find that they’re a little busier nowadays.

Storybook Circus Restrooms

Instead, there’s a great set of quiet (albeit small) restrooms behind Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland. We promise that they’re usually less of a slip-and-fall hazard.


On Either Side of Spaceship Earth

Moving on to EPCOT, we’ve got some HOT takes on the bathrooms! First of all, we would encourage you to avoid the ones at the front of the park by Spaceship Earth, because both the restrooms to the left and right always seem to be so busy, and there are much better options nearby.

Restrooms in Connections Cafe

If you’re heading toward World Discovery, instead we encourage you to stop inside Connections Eatery. Their restrooms are much newer, have some of the nicest changing tables in Disney World (for those with babies), and they have plenty of stalls. As long as you’re not in there during the meal rush, they’re typically not too crowded.

And if you’re heading toward World Nature, there are some quiet, hidden bathrooms in The Seas Pavilion. Not many people visit them because they’re on the back of the first floor, but they’re a great place to stop away from the masses.

In the Japan Pavilion

One of our strongest bathroom opinions is the way that we feel about the ones in the Japan Pavilion. They. Are. The. WORST. Like, maybe some of the worst in all of Disney World. First of all, you have to walk upstairs and behind Katsura Grill to get there, and then once you get inside they’re dark, usually messy, and only have like two stalls.

Japan Pavilion

Do yourself a favor and skip on going to the bathroom in Japan. Luckily, some of Disney’s BEST restrooms are next door in the American Adventure. Those are massive, clean, and they feel somehow much fancier than many of the other bathrooms in the World Showcase.

Hollywood Studios

On Hollywood Boulevard

We’ll start this section by saying that many of the bathrooms in Hollywood Studios leave much to be desired. But perhaps the worst offenders are the restrooms right after you enter the park on Hollywood Boulevard. Since they’re the first set, they’re typically incredibly crowded and not usually very clean.

On top of that, characters will sometimes appear on the balcony above these restrooms, so they’re occasionally blocked by guests wanting to get photos and videos. It’s just a little chaotic.

Restrooms at the Hollywood Studios entrance

Thankfully, there are some much better restrooms before you enter the park. Outside of security, there’s a set of bathrooms to the left of the entrance, and they’re usually very quiet, with plenty of stalls inside. These are the perfect stop on your way in and out of the park.

Near BaseLine Tap House

Across from BaseLine Tap House, you’ll find a relatively new set of restrooms that tend to be very popular — they’re directly in the walking path of everyone leaving Galaxy’s Edge and Muppets Courtyard. However, they’re unfortunately pretty small and almost always have a line to get inside.

BaseLine Tap House

But there’s a secret that newer guests may not know! On the opposite side of the building with the bathrooms (the side facing Backlot Express), there’s ANOTHER set of bathrooms. They’re much bigger, usually pretty clean, and not nearly as busy as the others. Use that advice wisely.

On Sunset Boulevard

Another set of bathrooms that we loathe? The ones in the middle of Sunset Boulevard, about halfway down the street. For some unknown reason, they’re one of the hottest and stickiest places in all of Disney World, and they’re pretty much always busy.

Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Save yourself some sweat and use one of the other THREE bathrooms on Sunset Boulevard. There are some next to Tower of Terror and some by Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but our personal favorites are the relatively unknown ones by Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy. (And while you’re back there, make sure to watch the show — it’s really cute!)

Animal Kingdom

Next to Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures

Finally, we come to Animal Kingdom, where we don’t have too many complaints. The restroom that we like the least is the one next to Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures in Dinoland, U.S.A. This one, like the one on Sunset, is unusually hot and sticky, but it’s also kinda busy and occasionally dirty.

Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures

Instead, make your way to Restaurantosaurus. The dining location’s restroom has an outside entrance as well, and because it’s inside a restaurant, it’s typically much cleaner and has better A/C. On top of that, the restaurant has some great background music that plays in the bathroom as well!


And as an added little bonus — did you know that Animal Kingdom is the only park that has doors on all their bathrooms? It’s in case an animal escapes into the park. That way guests can barricade themselves in the bathroom for safety!

So there you go — our full list of bathrooms to avoid in the parks and which ones to visit instead. Trust us, we’re definitely experts on this topic! We’ll make sure to keep you updated with any other advice or tips that you need to know before you go.

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