REVIEW: All-Star Movies Restaurant in Disney World

The All-Star Movies Resort isn’t particularly known for their food.

A full spread

Most guests are staying there for its lower pricing and fun theming for the whole family. But while there are plenty of great dining options in the parks, there are times when it’s easier to eat at your resort.

That’s why it’s good to know which dishes you’ll want to try. If you’re staying at All-Star Movies and are just looking for a casual meal after a long day in the parks, you may want to stop by the World Premier Food Court.

World Premiere Food Court

Here you’ll find different counters themed after movie theaters, serving up a variety of foods. We liked the decor, which featured tons of movie posters. 

World Premiere Food Court

World Premiere is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can pick from either indoor or outdoor seating, and they have both regular tables, booths, and shared seating. We did notice that it could use more seating, especially booths, and the outdoor seating area was limited.

A pin-trading board a World Premiere Food Court

When you’re ready to order, just head over to the counter of your choosing to order, then you’ll receive your food on a tray and you can pick where you sit.


The World Premiere Food Court has reusable menus, as well as screens at each counter showing what they offer.

Not for the vegetarians!

We got a few items from Lyric, which even offers some plant-based options. Prices here range from $10-$17 for the entrees, and you can get sides for about $4.50 each.

Some plant-based options

We tried the Sesame Chicken Stir Fry and Walt Disney’s Favorite Chili, which comes in a bread bowl. The stir fry comes with chicken, broccoli, red peppers, and onions and is served on a bed of Jasmine rice for $11.99. The chili bowl is fairly simple; it is a meat and bean chili topped with cheddar cheese and served in a bread boule. This dish is $9.99, making these excellent picks for those on a budget. For something sweet we grabbed the Box Office Cupcake for $5.49, which is made up of a traditional yellow cake filled with caramel and topped with marshmallow buttercream and peanut-pretzel-popcorn brittle.

Let’s try them out!

The chili bowl came in a bread bowl made to look like Mickey, which we thought was a nice touch. We thought the chili itself was seasoned well and reminded us of the flavors you’d enjoy in a taco. The melted cheese on top just added to the heartiness of the meal. Unfortunately, the bread was very dry. Even the chili didn’t really help!

Walt’s Chili

Unlike the chili, the sesame chicken was very light. It was still a good serving but the fresh ingredients made it less heavy, and it’s a good option for when you’re craving some veggies after filling up on theme park food. However, the sesame sauce was minimal, and we thought this dish was pretty bland and under-seasoned. If you can’t handle spices, this could be a nice dish for you, but if you’re expecting an Asian dish with some zing, this isn’t it.

Sesame Chicken

The star of the show was definitely the Box Office Cupcake! Every single part of this was wonderful: the marshmallow frosting was light and fluffy, the caramel filling was rich, and the cake wasn’t dry at all.

Box Office Cupcake

Our only warning is this treat is VERY sweet. You might want to split this with someone else, because even though it’s small, the flavors make a big impact.


Overall, we thought the World Premiere Food Court was a decent place to eat. The food isn’t anything adventurous, but if you’re traveling with a picky eater or need to please a large group of people, you’re sure to find what you need here. When we went, the dining room was practically empty, and it was nice to enjoy some quiet time. For those who prefer more upscale dining, you probably want to skip this food court, but after a long day in the parks when you just need something to fill your tummy before bed, this might just hit the spot!

The Complete Guide to Eating at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

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