Like We Needed ANOTHER Reason To RUN to Disney Springs

Spring and summer are on the way, and that means HOT days at Disney are on the horizon.

It just SCREAMS summer!

We wouldn’t be Disney food experts without also recommending the newest beverages at Disney, would we? With those hot days coming, we’re here to help you find refreshing drinks that’ll hopefully have you feeling a little less… like you just walked 12 miles in one day.

The Boathouse at Disney Springs just got a brand new brew! Duck Duck Beer is an exclusive brew from Sailfish Brewing that is quoted to be “bright and light” — great for hot days at Disney.

Even if you aren’t a beer drinker, you have to admit that the can is pretty cute! The duck artwork on the can matches some other theming known to Boathouse regulars! Boathouse’s Duck Duck Razz is one of the most popular drinks at Disney Springs — a blue curaçao drink with a peach schnapps and raspberry vodka base, topped with a tiny rubber ducky!

The infamous Duck Duck Razz!

Well, at least you know Boathouse has you covered if you’re looking for refreshing drinks this summer! Or if you’re looking for a souvenir duck?

Souvenir duck in question

With spring and summer quickly approaching, we’re on the lookout for the most refreshing foods and drinks at Disney. Make sure to follow along so you never miss any updates or recommendations! Click the link below for some seasonal eats coming soon to Disney World.

Click here for a taste of spring and summer at Disney

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Will you be trying this new beer? Let us know in the comments!

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