The One Thing That Might Be Different When Splash Mountain Closes in Disneyland

There’s no denying that many Disney fans are pretty serious about what they love. But just how far will they go?

One final ride

We’ve seen guests wait over six hours for a popcorn bucket which then resold for hundreds of dollars above its original price, so we’d have to say pretty far. But this newest “park souvenir” takes Disney fanaticism to a whole ‘nother level!

Disney announced that Splash Mountain would be closing to be re-themed as a Princess and the Frog attraction named Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Currently, Splash Mountain has closed in Disney World but is still running in Disneyland. Before the attraction closed in Magic Kingdom, some guests managed to scoop up some of the log flume’s water. What at first appeared to just be a quirky souvenir has now turned into an online market worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom

The Orlando Sentinel reported that since the ride closed, eBay listings of “Splash Mountain water” have sold for $7,100, $13,100 and even $15,099! There’s no way to verify whether the water actually came from the ride but apparently fans are eager to own their piece of Disney history, no matter the cost.

Construction has started!

With the ride closed and water drained, entrepreneurs might be casting their eyes on Disneyland’s version of the classic attraction. We don’t have an official closing date yet, but once its announced this might incentivize those looking to turn a profit to sneak some of the log flume ride’s water. Because the “Splash Mountain Water” story garnered so much attention, it’s possible that while the Disneyland version of Splash Mountain is still running, the park may put in some safe guards to prevent guests from snagging some of the water. 

Splash Mountain in Disneyland

In the meantime, you can enjoy Splash Mountain at Disneyland before its final plummet, and stay tuned to our site for updates on construction!

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Would you spend money on Splash Mountain water? Do you think the sellers are selling real water from the ride? Comment below!

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