Can You Uber To Disney World? How Much Does It Cost?

When planning your Disney trip, thinking about transportation in advance is critical to ensure that your vacation is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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In addition to learning the ins and outs of getting around Disney World during your stay, you need to decide how you will get to your hotel from the airport. Disney World used to have the Magical Express — a bus service that picked you (and your luggage) up at the airport and took you straight to your Disney World Resort — for free! But that service ended in 2021, so if you haven’t been to Disney World since then, know that you’ll need to plan for your own airport transfers. Don’t worry, though! We have a complete guide that lays out all your options here. 

Lots of options to get to Disney!

We already know what you’re thinking: Can’t I just Uber? The answer to that is YES! Just like at any other airport, you can use Uber to get a ride from the Orlando Airport to Disney World.

We’re bringing you this post to tell you everything you need to know about Ubering to Disney World from the Orlando airport.


Uber App

If you have not used Uber before, you will need to download the Uber app to your smartphone and create an account. The app is free to download, and creating an account is free, as well. When you create your account, you will be asked to link the app to a form of payment — you can choose to link a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, or Uber gift cards. You won’t be charged until you book a ride.


Car Types

When scheduling your Uber, there are multiple options for you to choose based on the amount of people in your travel party and the type of service you’d like to receive. These are the car types that you can choose from when traveling from the Orlando airport to Disney:


UberX is your most basic Uber option. This is an affordable option for those traveling with four people or less. Typically, these vehicles are smaller sedans that include numerous years, makes, and models of cars.

Most common are sedans!


This is the basic Uber option for those traveling with four to six people. Like the UberX, these cars can be any make, year, and model — but with more space. These are typically SUVs, crossovers, and minivans.

UberXL example


This is a more deluxe option than a basic Uber. These rides are newer models and typically have more leg room.

Newer models with more room!

Uber Pet

This is just like UberX (any year, make, and model that sits four people) but you can bring your pet along!


This is Uber’s luxury vehicle service that sits up to four people. These are newer models of luxury vehicles that are driven by professional drivers.

Newer models with professional drivers

Price and Surge Pricing

The price of an Uber depends heavily on demand for Ubers in your area, the duration of your ride, and the amount of traffic on the road to your destination. Uber will implement “surge pricing” during rush hour and times of high-demand, so try to avoid rush hour when selecting an Uber pick-up.

Below are the prices of each Uber service as of February 1st, 2023. These services are from the Orlando airport to Disney’s Boardwalk.

UberX: $37.92

Uber XL: $52.90

Comfort: $47.21

Uber Pet: $41.64

Black: $79.15

©Uber These prices can get pretty steep…

During rush hour, we have seen the prices of an UberX soar above $60, so it’s crucial to consider popular travel times. (Reiterating that again because these can get EXPENSIVE.)


Personal Safety

When considering Uber transportation, safety is often a huge concern. We use Uber quite often, so we’ve picked up some tips to ensure safe transportation.

  1. When ordering an Uber, the license plate number of the car will be provided. Check to make sure that this number aligns with the number on the license plate of the car. It’s rare, but people have been known to pose as Uber drivers with plans to potentially harm riders. We try to keep things positive here at DFB, but we’d rather you all be safe. It is CRUCIAL to know you are stepping into the correct vehicle.
  2. Always check the rating of your Uber driver. This is a great way to get an idea of the quality of service provided, whether or not the driver has made others uncomfortable, and driving skills.

Health Safety Regarding COVID-19

Many Uber drivers request that masks be worn inside their vehicle and provide sanitizing wipes for you to wipe down seats and handles after your service is complete.

Pros and Cons

When deciding whether or not to use an Uber service to deliver you from the Orlando airport to Disney World, it’s easier to look at a list of pros and cons! These are some of our personal pros and cons that we’ve come across while Ubering to Disney World.


  • Minimal planning
  • Convenient
  • Passengers from only YOUR party
  • CAN be cost efficient
  • Reliable
  • Ability to choose an option that works best for you


  • Price surging during busier hours
  • Can be crowded in the car
  • Based on demand, Ubers can take a while to arrive

So there you have it! That is all you need to know about Ubering to Disney from the Orlando airport! We hope that this information and all our tips and tricks help make your experience more magical. We are constantly updating our site with news and updates regarding Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney restaurants, and even Disney transportation! Make sure to follow along so you don’t miss anything!

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Have you used Uber at Disney before? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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