An Iconic Snack Has DISAPPEARED from Disney World

You’ve got to be CAREFUL when you go to Disney World!

Trattoria al Forno

Why? Well, some of the things you might love may go totally missing without notice! Disney lost 6 food items in 2022 and we’ve even seen animatronics go missing for a while. You never know what surprises you might be met with during your next trip. Now, it seems another item may have disappeared without a trace!

A wonderful Disney Food Blog reader (Rachael) recently told us about a menu change at one of the restaurants on Disney’s BoardWalk so we made a stop over there to see what was going on. The restaurant in question? Trattoria al Forno! And when we stopped by this restaurant recently we were met with some sad news. According to the Cast Member we spoke to, our DFB reader’s tip was spot-on — the Mickey-shaped pizzas that once graced the kids’ menu here are NO longer being offered! Again, keep in mind that this is based on what we were told by a Cast Member so things can change.

How Fun Is That?!

We had these fun pizzas back in 2021. The dough was house-made and topped with the same marinara sauce used in some of the other dishes. It gained massive points for style with those Mickey ears but gained even more points with taste since the ears were made of CHEESY GARLIC BREAD! YUM!

We thought this pizza was fun and delicious. The crust was wonderful (thank you stone oven), and we felt it was a big hit for a kids’ pizza dish. While we got the cheese pizza version, there was a pepperoni version available at that time too.

Mickey Cheese Pizza

It’s not clear what caused the sudden disappearance of this deliciously cheesy snack. But it’s also not clear if this will be a permanent change. Both the My Disney Experience app and Disney World website for Trattoria al Forno continue to list the Mickey Pepperoni Pizza on the menu. Hmmm…🤔 So it’s possible that the change will be temporary, but it’s also possible that the menu will soon be changed to reflect the adjustment.


We’ll keep an eye out for updates and let you know what we find. In the meantime, if you’ve simply GOT to have Mickey on your pizza, consider making a pizza at home and arranging the bread or toppings to be in the shape of the #1 mouse.

Mickey Pepperoni Pizza

Need a pizza recipe? Check out this Soul-inspired NYC pizza recipe or opt for a breakfast pizza! And stay tuned for more Disney restaurant news.

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