EVERYTHING We Know About the Re-Themed Restaurant Coming to Disney’s NEW ‘Big Hero 6’ Land

There are LOTS of changes happening over at Disneyland Resort.


Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway recently opened at Disneyland Park but its virtual queue situation is changing. Mickey’s Toontown is getting some big changes and will be reopening soon. Plus, a NEW Big Hero 6 land is coming to Disneyland Resort and now we’ve got some exciting updates about what it’ll include!

What’s Going On?

Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure Park (Disneyland Resort) is being rethemed to a Big Hero 6-themed land called San Fransokyo Square.


It’s set to open this summer.

What’s the Story?

According to Disney, “San Fransokyo Square will transport you to the not-too-distant future, in a fictional mash-up of two iconic cities – San Francisco and Tokyo. As the tech industry began to emerge and the local fishing trade fell on hard times, entrepreneurs came together to reinvent the seaside canneries into a vibrant, multicultural district of neighborhood restaurants and small businesses where you’ll be able to eat and shop.”


There will be a San Fransokyo Gate Bridge, a floating wind turbine on top of a fishing net tannery, and even a Baymax meet-and-greet.


So there’s a lot to look forward to…but our focus today is on the FOOD!

So What About the Food?!

Well, there are various restaurants on Pacific Wharf right now. You might know it for its sourdough bread, ice cream, Mexican eats, Asian dishes, and more. So, for starters, Disney has shared that fans will still be able to enjoy all of those dining locations throughout this transformation.

They’re Still Open!

Once the rethemed area fully opens, it’ll still serve up familiar favorites, like those iconic soups in bread bowls. But there will also be NEW Asian-inspired eats.

And here’s where things get interesting. Disney has also announced that there will be a NEW spot (really a re-themed spot) called “Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería.” Cervecería is Spanish for “Brewery.”


According to Disney, this spot will draw “inspiration from its tri-cultural influences with signage in English, Japanese and Spanish.” On the outside, it’ll have a “fun and inviting beer garden decorated with festoon lights and papel picado.” “Papel picado” literally translates from Spanish to English as punched or chopped paper.

As NBC News points out, these are special paper cut-out decorations that are often used in Mexico for alters made for the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Reportedly the tradition began in the 1800s.

Construction Has Already Begun in the Nearby Area

So just what will this “Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería” place be? Again, so far Disney has only really shared that it’ll have a beer garden on the outside and the name Cerveceria does seem to indicate a mainly beer-focused spot.

Based on the concept art, it looks like Cocina Cucamonga will remain in this rethemed area (you can see the sign for it in the background of the concept art).


So it looks like this Cerveceria will be a retheme of the beer garden area/seating space next to/to the side of Cocina Cucamonga. You can see the boats on top of the wooden canopy in the image below from The Orange County Register in 2016

©Orange County Register

…and then again on top of the new Cerveceria space.


Considering that there is a Pacific Wharf Distribution Co. spot nearby in Pacific Wharf that serves handcrafted beers, this could very much replace that service “need” (beers) in the area.

Cocina Cucamonga (2022)

The concept art does seem to show a mix of cultural influences with signs in different languages.


Looks like even the trash cans are getting in on the fun.


Based on the design, it looks like there could be a pick-up order window on the outside, next to the seating, for those drinks.


It also looks like there are some pick-up/order windows to the left with some menu signs up above.


These look to be fairly similar to the existing ones at the restaurant so it looks like those could just be the ordering signs/spots for Cocina Cucamonga itself.

Cocina Cucamonga (2019)

In terms of seating, it looks like it’ll continue to be outdoors, with some under that wooden canopy area. This makes sense since the seating for Cocina Cucamonga is already situated in an outdoor dining patio environment. It looks like there will be traditional tables/seats, as well as some tables that are built on top of beer kegs.


And that’s what we know so far about this new/rethemed restaurant space! We’ll continue to keep an eye out for updates and let you know what we find.

For more Disneyland planning news, see our video below and check back for the latest details!

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