We Found Our Favorite Disney Pretzel, But NOT Where You Think

Welcome to Avengers Campus, where Marvel superheroes roam around and greet guests, and Spider-Man recruits you to help him find some runaway Spider-bots.

You can count on this spot to deliver unique dishes!

But there’s MORE to Avengers Campus than meets the eye because you’ll find some interesting food and drinks here, too, including at Pym Test Kitchen and Pym Tasting Lab, where Pym Particles have either made your food GIANT or tiny (we’re just going to blame Ant-Man). So we’re heading over there to try a few things!


The whole concept behind Pym Test Kitchen is that everything is a weird size thanks to those Pym Particles mentioned in the Ant-Man movies. So you’ll see a lot of shrunken or grown items inside the restaurant.

That’s a Lot of Ketchup!

Inside, there are screens displaying the restaurant’s menus. Like many Disney counter service restaurants, you’ll find numbers on the floor to indicate where you need to pick up your food.

Pym Test Kitchen

You’ll also find a TON of Marvel Easter eggs throughout the space.

All Kinds of Details!

You’ll find a Freestyle Coke machine to grab your fountain drinks underneath some GIGANTIC soda cans, which seem to be connected to the machine.


You get the theme, right? It’s all about having some fun with that Pym Particles idea. But we’re here to eat, so let’s get to the food.


The food follows the same theme. The lunch and dinner menu features a gigantic Quantum Pretzel, as well as some entrees with food that’s been shrunk or blown up. There’s a Plant-Based option here, too. A variety of sides and Kid’s Meals are also available, as well as the Celestial-sized Candy Bar: Choco-Smash CANDY Bar for dessert (it’s a gigantic candy bar).


We came for that Quantum Pretzel, though, which is a 453.8-gram, Bavarian-style Pretzel, with Sharp Cheddar Cheese-Beer Sauce. Beer Cheese Sauce, y’all. 🤤This pretzel is HUGE and shareable. It’s also super soft and pillowy, with the perfect amount of salt. It’s served warm and fresh. We’re just going to say it — this is our favorite Disney pretzel.


But let’s talk about that Cheddar Cheese Beer Sauce because that just about blew our minds. We LOVED it. Also, it’s a great value for $12.99.


For drinks, we headed over to the Pym Tasting Lab, which is right next door. You’ll find the same theme here, but the menu features some really unique cocktails, as well as a variety of beers.

Pym Tasting Lab

We tried the Honey Fusion 2.0, which is made with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey and Elysian Space Dust IPA, with Lemonade and Honey Syrup, and a Mint Sprig for $17. This had a moderate taste of the IPA, which is a kind of hoppy beer with a robust, bitter flavor. Our reporter isn’t a fan of hops, but the honey whiskey and honey syrup made the drink sweeter and a little less bitter. We really couldn’t taste the whiskey, though.

Honey Fusion 2.0

We also tried the X-Periment, which is made with Patrón Silver Tequila, Mango and Habanero Syrups, and Mango Flavor-filled Boba for $20. This drink is SUPER sweet, so keep that in mind if you don’t like drinks with a lot of sweetness. The mango flavor comes through the most (it reminded us of a mango margarita). We also liked the nice surprise pop from the Boba.


If you’re worried that the Habanero Syrups make it spicy, don’t! We didn’t think it was that spicy at all!


This is a fun place to eat and drink if you’re looking for some unique food and drinks that you can’t find anywhere else (well, giant pretzels are a thing, but still, that pretzel was GOOD). The drinks at Pym Tasting Lab are a lot of fun, too, and worth a try. So if you find yourself in Avengers Campus, be sure to stop by to eat and drink in true Ant-Man style.

Ant-Man approves

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Have you ever tried anything at Pym Test Kitchen or Pym Tasting Lab? Let us know some of your favorite foods and drinks there in the comments!

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