Disney Announces NEW Dining Options and Restaurant Re-Theme!

Last year we learned that Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure was getting a makeover.

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This summer, the area will re-open as San Fransokyo, the setting of the Disney animated film Big Hero 6 and a melting pot that blends East and West cultures with a futuristic spin.

As Disney food fans, we are most curious about what the dining options will be once the re-theming is finished! We anticipated a lot of fusion food, especially between Japanese and Californian cuisine. Today, we learned more about what we can expect from the all-new land.


Disney promises that “San Fransokyo Square will transport you to the not-too-distant future, in a fictional mash-up of two iconic cities – San Francisco and Tokyo. As the tech industry began to emerge and the local fishing trade fell on hard times, entrepreneurs came together to reinvent the seaside canneries into a vibrant, multicultural district of neighborhood restaurants and small businesses where you’ll be able to eat and shop.”

The Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería is a re-themed dining location (looks like Cucina Cucamonga will still be there based on the concept art, and that this is a re-theme of the beer garden area next to it) that Disney describes as tri-cultural, using English, Japanese, and Spanish signage. They’ll serve up a blend of Asian-inspired dishes and more American-ized food (and hopefully some Mexican fare too!). This spot will also incorporate the outdoor beer garden, perfect for relaxing after a long day in the parks.


But I KNOW what we’re all scared of — WILL THE BREAD BOWLS BE THERE?!?! Disney shared that San Fransokyo will keep a lot of the eateries from Pacific Wharf that guests know and love, and those restaurants will be open throughout the transformation (so you don’t have to wait until this summer to visit your favorite Pacific Warf dining spots).

This will include a variety of dishes including both Asian and Mexican cuisine, as well as the soups in sourdough bread bowls (YAAASSSSS!), and other foods you can currently find in the. mix at Pacific Wharf. (Ghirardelli is also safe, it sounds like…so let out that breath you were holding!)

Stay tuned to our site for more updates on dining in San Fransokyo!

Learn more about the San Fransokyo transformation here!

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