A NEW Disney MagicBand+ and Loungefly Bag Are Online NOW!

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We’ve seen lots of 100th Anniversary merchandise released already, but there’s more coming!

Lots of 100th Anniversary merch!

Oswald now has his own collection (as he should), and you can grab 100th Anniversary toys at McDonald’s right now as well. However, there’s a new 100th Anniversary Decades Collection that has just released its first batch of merchandise!

The 100th Anniversary Decades collection will release merchandise representing each decade from the 1920s up to the 2020s. Today, Disney has released the 1920s collection! Let’s check it out!

The first item is the Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Loungefly Mini Backpack.


This bag features an exterior compartment shaped like a film reel — and it actually moves to reveal vignettes of Mickey and the gang in Steamboat Willie. You can grab this backpack for $88.

Click here to buy the Decades Steamboat Willie Mini Backpack.

There’s also the Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie ears for $39.99.


These double-sided ears feature scenes from Steamboat Willie with nautical rope trim and a platinum Disney100 plate on the headband.

Click here to buy the Steamboat Willie ears.

Next, we have the Steamboat Willie MagicBand+! It’s available for preorder for $64.99.


This MagicBand+ features Mickey Mouse and Pete with metallic ink accents.

Click here to buy the Steamboat Willie MagicBand+.

This one is for the pin collectors!


The Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie pin is $29.99 and features a pin-on-pin design with a gunmetal finish.

Click here to buy the Steamboat Willie pin.

The Steamboat Willie Musical Boat is $59.99.


This vintage-style “tin” toy features a wind-up key, moving smoke stacks, and figures of characters from Steamboat Willie.

Click here to purchase the Steamboat Willie Toy Boat.

Next, we have the Mickey and Minnie Steamboat Willie Plush Set for $44.99.


These plushes feature Mickey and Minnie as they appeared in the 1928 film, with black and white tones!

Click here to buy the Mickey and Minnie Plush Set.

Last but not least, we have another collectible for pin collectors! The Disney 100 Pin Collector’s Board is $79.99.


This pinboard features a platinum finish wood frame and base with a cork and foam-backed board.

Click here to buy the Disney100 Pin Collector’s Board

And that’s the whole 100th Anniversary 1920s collection! We’re keeping an eye on all the latest 100th Anniversary news, like the new commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney news!

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What do you think of this new collection? Tell us in the comments!

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