Grand Floridian vs. Yacht Club Disney World Resort Guide 2023

So, you’re planning a trip to Disney World, and you’ve narrowed it down between two of the most ICONIC Disney resorts in existence (you lucky, lucky person!).

Disney’s Grand Floridian

But how do you choose between Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa? Well, let’s dive into the deets to see which one is right for you!

Choosing between the Yacht Club and the Grand Floridian, is like choosing a favorite child, a favorite Disney cupcake, or between a Dole Whip or a Mickey Pretzel — there’s enough love to go around! But just like cupcakes and classic Disney snacks (and maybe your kids, too… only you know your family dynamic…😂), there’s a certain flavor that might just hit the spot for what you’re looking for.

Disney’s Yacht Club

There’s no doubt that Disney vacations are expensive, and no one wants buyer’s remorse when it comes to what can usually be the most EXPENSIVE part of your Disney trip. We’re approaching this chaos-agent of a decision with as much logic as possible, so we’re breaking it down into five categories:

  • Common Ground
  • Theme/Rooms
  • Pools
  • Food
  • Transportation

We’re putting each resort through these paces to see where they stand and which one may be speaking to you for your Disney trip.

Yacht Club

Common Ground

Before we start down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland of their differences, let’s review the similarities of these resorts. These resorts are both Disney Deluxe Resorts, so they will be at a similar price point, with similar room sizes, and the same perks. They both have close proximity to the Disney Parks, and even within walking distance! And both offer Disney Vacation Club Villas as additional accommodations.

Yacht Club Walkway

For the Yacht Club, that means that for the cheapest room at the cheapest time to visit, you can expect to pay around $537 per night (not accounting for any tax or current discounts), and it goes up to $3,877 per night (not accounting for any tax or current discounts) for the most expensive rooms at the most expensive time to visit.

For the Grand Floridian, that means that for the cheapest room at the cheapest time to visit, you can expect to pay around $780 per night (not accounting for any tax or current discounts), and it goes up to $5,502 per night (not accounting for any tax or current discounts) for the most expensive rooms at the most expensive time to visit.

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Just like our ol’ Friend, Chandler Bing, would say, “Could these resorts BE any more different?” Both the Yacht Club and the Grand Flo are Deluxe resorts and offer the poshest of Disney’s accommodations and perks, but that doesn’t mean they look the same!

Yacht Club

Ahoy maties, straighten that ascot and slip on those boat shoes, you’re about to set sail into the Disney resort themed after the grand and sleek yachting clubs of New England. And no, Disney does not require that you own a yacht to stay here (phew, that’s one expense you won’t have to factor into your Disney trip!).

Yacht Club Lobby

This resort makes “subtle” look good. It’s sleek, elegant, and streamlined — like, well, a yacht. If you’re visiting Disney World for a business conference, this hotel might just be the right speed for you as it encompasses a rather executive vibe to it. There are some very nice, and perfectly adequate furnishings, but the rooms themselves just don’t scream lavish.


Our favorite touch in these otherwise “character-less” rooms are the curtains that feature fictional constellations inspired by some of our favorite Disney pals.


The Yacht Club renovated and updated the rooms in 2017, for the more sophisticated appearance with dark woods, crisp whites and deep navy blues.  They definitely don’t have the personality that you can find at the Contemporary and Polynesian. So, if you’re looking for a room with some “character,” the Yacht Club may not be your jam.

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Grand Floridian

Cross the threshold of Disney World’s flagship resort into the Victorian age of high tea, dressing for dinner, and gloved-hands with pinkies-out. The lobby and restaurants are grandiose and luxurious, almost to the point of making guests reflect on imposter syndrome rather than a welcoming presence. The meticulous grounds and pristine white buildings with their brilliant red-tiled roofs definitely provide that grand allure you’d expect from a flagship resort.

The Grand Floridian Lobby

And the lobby delivers on that jaw-dropping “oh wow” moment (especially around the holidays), but it seems like Disney blew the budget on the common areas, and then tightened the purse strings on the room sitch. There are some very nice, and perfectly adequate furnishings, but the rooms themselves just don’t scream lavish.

Grand Floridian Resort Room

The Grand Floridian standard rooms haven’t seen the TLC that the Contemporary and Polynesian rooms have. So, there’s hope out there that the Grand Floridian rooms will be up soon for the next room renovation, but in the meantime, the Grand Floridian rooms don’t quite deliver for the price tag assigned to them.


This could boil down to your preference. Are you looking for a sophisticated resort that feels like you should be sipping a cognac and lighting up a cigar? Or do you want something a bit more glamorous, luxurious, and Victorian? Both resorts deliver beautifully on their themes, but when it comes down to rooms, but when it comes down to rooms, the Yacht Club has the edge with having the most recently updated rooms with a bit more pizzazz.

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Pools, splash pads, hot tubs, and lounge chairs, vacation just doesn’t feel completed without spending some time by the pool. Which of these resorts is the aquatic champion of water lounging? Only one way to find out…

Yacht Club

The Yacht Club may be understated when it comes to its lobby and resort rooms, but it is not to be outdone in the pool category. Disney’s Yacht Club shares a pool complex with its neighboring resort, the Beach Club, Stormalong Bay.

Stormalong Bay

Stormalong Bay is a destination on all its own. This pool complex is almost like its own mini-water park, with sand at the bottom and even a lazy river! So, your kiddos can take advantage of the ‘shipwrecked’ themed water slide, while you leisurely float around the lazy river, so just relax on of the many lounge chairs.

Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club

Stormalong Bay is also nestled in close to Beaches and Cream, an iconic ice cream shop, providing over-the-top milkshakes, sundaes, and comfort junk food essentials like burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Grand Floridian

The Grand Floridian is not to be outdone in the pool category; it hosts two pools as well: the Beach Pool and the Courtyard Pool. And though both pools are pretty, the most memorable experience might be at the Mad Hatter splash pad.

Alice’s Splash Zone

And because it’s the Grand Floridian and sophisticated luxury is this resorts brand, there are plenty of poolside lounge chairs and cabanas available to rent for the day as you relax by the pool and nosh on some peeled-grapes and sip on some sweet tea, like we’re sure Victorian-age vacationers did back in the day.

Relaxation — Grand Flo style!


There’s no real loser in this category if you’ve found relaxation and joy, but our heart leans towards the Yacht Club, because that pool is just epic!

Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club

Toes in the sand, relaxing down a lazy river with a shipwreck-themed water slide. We’ll take the Yacht Club’s pool oasis just tips the scale over the Grand Floridian’s pool situation.

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Because we are Disney FOOD Blog, we take food seriously. Very. Seriously. And we love it all. We love the cheap, comfort of plastic cheese, and we love the high-brow sophistication of a wine flight or a multi-course pre-fixe meal. We don’t discriminate; we are a lover of all foods. Since food is SO important, let’s see who these resorts stack up against each other in the restaurant category.

Yacht Club

Hurricane Hanna’s is a pool bar, tucked under the Stormalong Bay waterslide, that provides fixes for your hunger without having to wander too far from the pool.

The Yacht Club is home to two lounges, one quick-service market, a table service option, and a Disney Signature dining restaurant. Not to mention its close proximity to Beach Club and all of those dining options.

The Market at Ale & Compass

An ideal spot to relax with a nightcap while winding down for the evening, or to grab a bite or two from their substantial appetizer menu, head over to Ale & Compass Lounge. The Ale & Compass Lounge is one part of the Ale & Compass dining concept at the Yacht Club, which also includes The Market at Ale & Compass and the Ale & Compass Restaurant.

Ale & Compass Lounge

Located right next to Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, the Crew’s Cup Lounge is a great place to get a bite and a drink in a relaxing, cozy atmosphere — and it’s a DFB favorite! In addition to specialty cocktails and a full bara robust food menu is served during evening hours as well, including a few full meals. During dinner hours at the Yachtsman, you’ll have a direct view through a glass window of steak being butchered for the steakhouse – so cool!

Crew’s Cup Lounge

Ale & Compass Restaurant is the table service component of the Ale & Market dining concept in Disney’s Yacht Club, which also includes The Market at Ale & Compass along with the refreshed Ale & Compass Lounge. The atmosphere offers a gastropub ambiance while comfort food (New England-inspired) is featured on the menu. A la carte options for breakfast include classic American breakfast fare, with a few twists like the Dark Chocolate Waffle and Salted Caramel-Apple French Toast, and a pastry buffet option may be paired with your choice of entree. Casual lunch options include Fish & Chips, burgers, and more. Dinner offerings feature specialties like the New England Seafood Pot Pie and Pappardelle pasta dishes, among others.

Ale and Compass Restaurant

The Market at Ale & Compass is a Counter Service location at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Simple convenience is the name of the game, with a focus on grab-and-go items. However, hot sandwiches, specialty desserts — and even a coffee bar — round out the options nicely. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, The Market at Ale & Compass is the quick service component of the Ale & Compass dining concept at the Yacht Club, which also includes the Ale & Compass Restaurant and the Ale & Compass Lounge.

The Market at Ale & Compass

Yachtsman Steakhouse comes highly recommended by any discerning carnivore. The steaks here are some of the best on property, and the service is often excellent. This craftsman-inspired dining room at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort caters to all tastebuds with a variety of dishes, incredible sides, and amazing, cut-in-house steaks.

8-oz Filet Mignon

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Grand Floridian

Beaches Pool Bar and Courtyard Pool Bar provide fixes for your hunger without ever leaving either of the Grand Floridian’s pools.

Grand Floridian is home to two Signature dining restaurants, Citricos and Narcoossee’s.  Citricos is an upscale restaurant serving American dishes with Mediterranean influences. Reserve the Chef’s Domain for a private table and specially prepared menu. Narcoossee’s, another Signature Dining restaurant, specializes in seafood. This beautiful, Victorian-inspired building sits ashore on the Seven Seas Lagoon, offering dramatic views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

Citricos dining room

Enchanted Rose Bar and Lounge is inspired by the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. Guests can indulge in gourmet bites and crafted cocktails while enjoying any one of the four themed rooms.

Enchanted Rose lounge

Garden View Tea Room hasn’t yet reopened, but when it does, it offers Afternoon Tea with delicious finger sandwiches, pastries, cheese, and fruit. The beautiful view, elegant atmosphere, and fine china make this an exquisite experience.

Gasparilla Island Grill is a counter service restaurant with a standard food court menu, and it is open for guests 24-hours a day. Dine outdoors overlooking the Marina (with a view of Cinderella Castle) when the weather permits.

The more casual Table Service options at the Grand Floridian are 1900 Park Fare and Grand Floridian Cafe. 1900 Park Fare, when it reopens, provides popular character dining experiences! At breakfast, guests are entertained by Mary Poppins and friends while the young and young-at-heart feast on Mickey waffles. Dinner is a more stately affair hosted by Cinderella and Prince Charming. Grand Floridian Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an airy, casual setting. You’ll find American fare being served at your table overlooking the hotel’s elegant courtyard.

The Grand Floridian Cafe is so pretty

Victoria and Albert’s is a AAA Five Diamond Award winner offering an exclusive dining experience. This Signature Dining restaurant pampers guests with personalized menus, dedicated servers, and long-stemmed roses.

The Victoria & Albert’s Dining Room

Chef’s Table is also available to those who’d like to experience the most exclusive dining experience in Disney World. Also, the Queen Victoria Room is available for a bit more privacy.

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It’s so hard to designate a clear winner for food — because we love it all! Both resorts offer a fantastic fine-dining experience at either Yachtsman at the Yacht Club or Citricos, Narcoossee’s (when it reopens), or even the poshest of posh at Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian. And for more casual dining, Ale & Compass at Yacht Club and Grand Floridian Cafe are pretty balanced.

French Onion Soup at Yachtsman

The Grand Floridian really dances that line nicely with Gasparilla Island Grill and Grand Floridian Cafe, offering some comfort food like fried chicken, burgers, and chicken nuggets, and on the OPPOSITE end of that spectrum, Victoria & Albert’s that provides one of the most unique and sophisticated dining experiences in all of Florida!

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Do these deluxe resorts offer anything different when it comes to transportation? Let’s see!!

Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is considered an “EPCOT-area” resort. It sits on Crescent Lake, next to Beach Club Resort, and across the lake from Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.  This resort is situated in between TWO Disney parks, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Yep, that’s right, you can walk or enjoy a relaxing boat ride on a Friendship Cruise boat to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

Enjoy a Friendship Boat ride!

If Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or Disney Springs is your destination, then you can board one of Disney’s busses to transport you over to these parks.

Disney World Bus Transportation

And as if walkways, boats, and busses weren’t enough options for you, Yacht Club guests are also within walking distance of the EPCOT Skyliner station. This means you have easy access to the other Skyliner resorts if you want to go exploring other resorts or just have a relaxing cruise through the sky.

Walt Disney World Skyliner

Grand Floridian

The Grand Floridian is also on the Monorail loop. It’s the second stop after the Polynesian on the way to the Magic Kingdom. If Magic Kingdom is your destination, there is also a boat option to sail across Seven Seas Lagoon to the front steps of the Magic Kingdom. You can also get your steps in by strolling the walkway over to Magic Kingdom. Though this resort is closer to the Magic Kingdom than the Polynesian, that walk is still about 15-20 minutes.

Grand Floridian and Monorail

If Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, or Disney Springs is your destination, then you can board one of Disney’s busses to transport you over to these parks.

You can take a boat to the Magic Kingdom from the Grand Floridian.

If EPCOT is your park for the day, the easiest option is to board a Disney bus and head over. If you want to take the Monorail, you can but you’d have to walk through the Polynesian resort, over to the Transportation & Ticketing Center to catch that Monorail, resulting in a 15-20 minute walk, and that doesn’t include waiting for the monorail. Or you can hop on the Monorail at the Grand Floridian and ride it past Magic Kingdom, past the Contemporary, and then transfer to the EPCOT Loop Monorail once you get to the Transportation and Ticketing Center, but that does add more time and complication to your already busy morning.


These deluxe resorts are pretty much a tie when it comes to transportation. They both have pretty quick access to TWO Disney parks, and have the options of busses, boats, and even direct walkways to help you get around.


The Grand Floridian is right on the Monorail loop, and the Yacht Club gives you access to the Skyliner, so they both have some unique offerings as well. It might just boil down to which parks do you plan to spend more time in, Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom?

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The Winner!

So, who is the ultimate winner in the Yacht Club vs. Grand Floridian battle? We hate to say it, but it depends! The Grand Floridian may seem like a clear choice because of its theming and popularity with Disney fans. If the Yacht Club seemed like the clear choice to you, it is a great hotel, it has an awesome pool and is just a quick walk from EPCOT’s World Showcase. It’s up to you and your group to decide what makes the most sense for you using all that we talked about above.

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