CHANGE Announced for Disney Vacation Club Points Policy

It can sometimes feel like price increases are hitting Disney World left and right.

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We’ve seen increases impact park tickets, park hopper options, and snacks within the last few months. But now a price increase has been revealed for something else.

Disney Vacation Club has sent an email out to its members indicating that effective today (February 16th, 2023), the price of one-time-use Vacation Points has INCREASED. These points used to cost $19 per point, but are now $22 per point.

This $22 price breaks down to the following: “$19.56 per one-time-use Vacation Point plus $1.27 tax (6.5%) plus $1.17 resort tax (6%).”

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What are one-time-use points? Well, if a DVC member is trying to book a trip and finds themselves a few Vacation Points short of what they need, they can bank, borrow, or transfer from another Contract. But another thing they can do is buy some one-time-use Vacation Points.

Members can buy up to 24 additional Vacation Points each Use Year. The one-time-use points can be utilized for DVC accommodations within the appropriate booking period, but they CAN’T be used for Home Resort Priority. They also expire at the end of the Use Year.


So if you have realized that you need a few more points for that upcoming trip and were planning to grab some one-time-use Vacation Points to make it happen, know that they’ll be a bit MORE expensive now.

To learn more about the Disney Vacation Club membership as a whole, click here. And stay tuned for more news.

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What do you think about this change? Are you a DVC member? Tell us in the comments.

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