REVIEW: Wrapped With Love at the Lunar New Year Festival in Disneyland

Looking to try NEW eats in Disneyland? Then we know exactly where you should go!

Wrapped with Love Marketplace

The Lunar New Year festival has kicked off at Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort, but it will only be sticking around until February 15th, 2023, so you’ll have to go FAST to try the limited-time eats at the Festival booths. Some booths feature returning classics, but one booth — Wrapped with Love — has shown up with lots of NEW eats and drinks!


Wrapped with Love is a booth that is NEW to the 2023 Lunar New Year celebration, and it’s bringing new eats with it!

Wrapped with Love Menu

The booth features 2 new snacks — Pork and Shrimp Wontons and a Bok Choy and Mushroom Dumpling.

Plus, there are 2 NEW drinks to try here too! Let’s check it out!


We’ll start with the food. New to this booth and the festival is the Pork and Shrimp Wontons with a black garlic sauce. This is priced at $8.75.

Pork and Shrimp Wontons

We really enjoyed these plump and juicy wontons! The fillings were generous, especially with the shrimp, and even if you don’t usually eat seafood you may still like them. They didn’t taste fishy at all. The black garlic sauce was an added bonus and paired well with the snack.

Next, we have the Bok Choy & Mushroom Dumpling with a black garlic sauce. This is another new dish and is a plant-based item priced at $8.75.

Bok Choy & Mushroom Dumpling

These were … not great. It might sound strange, but the taste of these reminded us of hay! These just didn’t come across the way you would expect Asian dumplings to taste, and even with the sauce these were unfortunately disappointing.

Alright, enough with the new eats, let’s hop to those drinks!


This booth features a brand NEW cocktail — the Pineapple Baijiu Cocktail. It’s made with Dark Rum, baijiu, Allspice Dram, pineapple and orange juices, and falernum syrup garnished with a dried red pineapple chip, and it’s priced at $16. That’s not cheap! So is this pricey drink worth it?

Pineapple Baijiu Cocktail

This drink was very refreshing! It wasn’t too sweet because of the tartness from the citrus flavoring. We think if you’d like to enjoy a special cocktail for this event, this is a good choice that many people would enjoy.

Next, we have the Grapefruit-Melon Wine Cocktail. This is also a NEW drink and is made with Sauvignon blanc, grapefruit liqueur, watermelon purée, rock melon syrup, and lime juice garnished with skewered grapes. This is just slightly cheaper at $15.

Grapefruit Melon Wine Cocktail

This drink reminded us of an upgraded wine cooler. The flavor combination was more unique than other drinks we have tried, and the wine paired well with the grapefruit, watermelon, rock melon, and lime. If you feel like trying out a new drink, we suggest this one!

Finally, at this booth you can kick your drinks up a notch by grabbing the Lotus Flower Glow Cube! This is a returning decoration that is priced at $6.25. There’s a limit of 10 per guest, per transaction, so just keep that in mind.

Lotus Flower Glowing Cube!

These add a fun glowing effect to your drink which is great if you’ll be staying in the park until it gets darker. Plus, they act as a souvenir and reminder of your time at Lunar New Year!


Overall, if you’re looking for brand NEW things to try at the Lunar New Year celebration, this is a good place to start considering the menu for this booth is essentially totally new. Besides the plant-based dumplings, we enjoyed the items from this booth! Both cocktails were a good balance between sweet and tart, and the pork and shrimp wontons were a tasty snack, especially with the included sauce.

Wrapped With Love food booth spread

We’ll be sharing full reviews of ALL of the food booths so stay tuned for more details.

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