REVIEW: Prosperity Bao & Buns at the Lunar New Year Festival in Disneyland

You’ve had pizza. Maybe you’ve even had a pizza spring roll in Disney World. Or a pizza roll that is the size of your FACE. But have you ever had a pizza BAO BUN!? Well, you’re about to see what that’s like!

Lunar New Year booth

The Lunar New Year celebration is available in Disney California Adventure Park from January 20th through February 15th, 2023. With it comes limited-time snacks, special entertainment, merchandise, and more. Right now we’re headed to the returning Prosperity Bao & Buns booth to take a look at their eats and drinks (which include a pepperoni pizza bao bun!!) — join us!


At Prosperity Bao & Buns, you’ll find one returning dish (the Char Siu BBQ Pork Bao), along with that new Pepperoni Pizza version.

Prosperity Bao & Buns Menu

In terms of drinks, there are 3 returning picks as well as that ever-popular Lotus Flower Glow Cube. Let’s get into the items here to see just what they’re like!


We’ll start with this booth’s brand NEW item — the Pepperoni Pizza Bao Bun served with marinara. It’s priced at $9. We’ve had pizza in a variety of versions, and of course we’re big fans of the Cheeseburger Steamed Pods in Disney World, so we couldn’t resist getting this to see how the pizza and a bao bun worlds taste when they collide!

These look goooooood!

These things are a HOT commodity — by the time we got our hands on them, the booth had already sold out once — and ran out again right after us! Rightly so, too, the Pepperoni Pizza Bao were soft, warm, and tasty. If you’ve ever had Totino’s Pizza Rolls, they reminded us of that!

Cross section

Fair warning, though, the longer you let these sit the soggier they get, so eat them QUICK!

Also available at this booth is the returning Char Siu BBQ Pork Bao with pickled red onion and jalapeño. It is also $9. 

Char Siu Pork Bao (2019)

This is an item that has been offered for several years at the Festival. Just be warned, it has some KICK to it, so you might want to stay away if you are very spice-averse.

Next, let’s tackle the drinks.


At this booth, there are 3 returning drinks. The first is the Peach Yuja-Ade. This is made with Yuja-lemongrass purée, dragon fruit and peach syrups, lemon juice, and butterfly pea flower tea garnished with a lemon wheel. It’s non-alcoholic and will set you back $6.50.

You can get the alcoholic version of this with the Soju Peach Yuja Ade. This has Soju, yuja-lemongrass purée, dragon fruit and peach syrups, lemon juice, and butterfly pea flower tea garnished with a lemon wheel. It’s priced at $16.

Both of these drinks were at the Lucky 8 Lantern booth in 2022, but have shifted spots in 2023.

When we had the Peach Yuja-Ade (non-alcoholic) in 2022, we thought it would be DELICIOUS, but sadly it didn’t deliver. While the drink was gorgeous (look at those colors!) it tasted very much like perfume to us and we couldn’t taste the lemonade at all. If you don’t mind the idea of a drink that tastes like something you’d spray on yourself to smell good, then this might work for you — but just be FULLY prepared.

Peach Yuja-Ade 2022

Here, you can also get another beautiful drink — the Lychee Celebration! This has Gin, prosecco, lychee syrup, yuja-lemongrass purée, and grapefruit juice garnished with an edible purple orchid. It’s priced at $15. In 2022, it was described as having lychee puree (which is missing from this year’s description) and the lemongrass wasn’t included so keep that in mind.

When we had this in 2022, we thought it was absolutely delicious!


The drink was light, refreshing, and a little on the sweet side, but had the gin to balance things out. The prosecco added a good amount of bubbles (wonderful for a warm day). Just be sure to stir your drink as it can have a syrupy finish to it if you don’t stir it up!

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The final item at this booth is the Lotus Flower Glow Cube, which you’ll find at various booths.

Passion Fruit Green Tea with Lotus Blossom Glow Cube | 2018

It is $6.25 and there is a limit of 10 per guest, per transaction.


Overall, the Char Siu BBQ Pork Bao can be a good pick for someone looking for a little heat, and if you’re a BIG pizza fan then you may not be able to resist the Pepperoni Pizza Bao Bun. Just be warned that the Peach Yuja-Ade can taste VERY flowery. The Lychee Celebration would likely be our pick out of the two drinks here as it is tasty, refreshing, and light.

Grab the Pepperoni Pizza Bao!

We’ll be sharing full reviews of ALL of the food booths at the Lunar New Year celebration so stay tuned for more details.

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