REVIEW: Paradise Garden Grill at the Lunar New Year Festival in Disneyland

One Disneyland spot has CHANGED for a limited time!

Paradise Garden Grill

Paradise Garden Grill is a year-round snack spot in Disney California Adventure Park, but when festivals come around it often features limited-time eats. That’s exactly what is happening right now with the arrival of the Lunar New Year celebration (which will only last through February 15th, 2023!). But are any of these limited-time snacks worth trying? Let’s find out together!


On the menu at Paradise Garden Grill, you’ll find quite a few festival eats — some of which are new, others of which are returning. Note that you can use Mobile Order here!


There is a NEW plant-based item, a WHOLE fish served family-style for 2, and even Boba Tea. So let’s check it all out and see what’s worth your cash.


We’ll start with the food! First up is the NEW Kimchi Bokkeumbap. This is made with Kimchi, potato, carrot, and onion fried rice with egg and Korean chili paste and is topped with crispy sweet and sour tofu and black sesame seeds. The dish is plant-based and is priced at $14.49. Unlike some of the other festival eats that are perhaps smaller in terms of portion size with reduced prices, this is a full entree-style item with a price to match.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

This was our favorite dish at Paradise Garden Grill. It DOES have a little bit of a spicy kick (so be warned), but it has more sweet and sour flavors. The rice is also good and not overcooked and clumpy. The tofu is crispy and tastes great!

So flavorful!

Next up is the Shrimp Lo Mein. This is a new dish and is made of lo mein noodles tossed with shrimp, mushrooms, onions, carrots, and bok choy. It can be all yours for $14.99. This one was also tasty. Again, you get a good portion size. It’s loaded with veggies AND flavor.

Shrimp Lo Mein

We’ll also note that this is NOT spicy at all, so it might be a good option if you don’t want to try the spicier kimchi.


You can also get Bánh Mì here. That is made with grilled pork belly with pickled carrots, cucumbers, daikon, and jalapeños, with a spicy mayo, and it is priced at $14.49. In 2022, we had essentially the same dish except it said it had a “seasoned mayonnaise.”

Banh Mi 2022

When we had it in 2022, the Banh Mi was VERY refreshing — yes, we just called a sandwich refreshing! The fresh baguette and crisp veggies gave the sandwich a lovely texture, which combined well with the savory pork. Plus, the mayo on top just gives it the extra touch to push things from good to GREAT!

Banh Mi 2022

Finally, we end things with the Sweet and Sour Whole Fish! This is served family-style for two with steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables. It’s priced at $27.99. This year, Disney has marked the item as “new” but whole fish as a general concept isn’t new to this food spot during Lunar New Year. In 2022, we had a whole fried fish with sweet and sour sauce (that came with steamed rice, stir-fried veggies, and chicken soup). So how does the 2023 version fare?

Sweet and Sour Whole Fish

So we were interested to see how different this year’s version would be. The 2023 version is…well, we don’t have a lot of words for this one. It had a LOT of bones and tasted VERY fishy. About the best thing we can say about it is the skin was crispy. This is a miss for us again this year.

NOT great

Looking for a returning treat? Check out the Dak Bulgogi. This is Korean BBQ chicken served with rice and kimchi and is priced at $17.99.


First up we have the Tiger Milk Boba Tea with brown sugar. This is a non-alcoholic drink that is priced at $6.49. Disney has marked this item as “new” for 2023, but in 2022 we had a very similar (if not identical drink) called Tiger Milk Tea that had brown sugar boba. We really liked last year’s version and found that it had a good amount of sweetness with an almost maple syrup vibe (in a good way!). This year’s was just as good with a smooth brown sugar flavor!

Tiger Milk Boba Tea

Next is the Blackberry Soju Cocktail. This is made with soju, blackberry purée, and lemon juice with a hint of ginger. It’s priced at $15. We saw a Soju Cocktail here last year but it had a variety of different ingredients. This one is NEW for 2023. This one is VERY heavy on the ginger — we didn’t hate it but would’ve preferred a less ginger-forward taste. The blackberry, though, is wonderful. Overall, the drink is still very refreshing.

Blackberry Soju Cocktail

You can also get the Hite Beer here for $9.50. Or you can pick up the Lotus Flower Glow Cube for $5.69.


Overall, Paradise Garden Grill offers more substantial eats during Lunar New Year. So if you prefer to have a larger meal than snack around, this could be a good pick. The Banh Mi is wonderful, and you can try several new things here. If you want a place with a great variety and larger dishes, stop here!

The standout is the Kimchi, but we would go back for the Shrimp Lo Mein, too.

We’ll be sharing full reviews of ALL of the food booths at the Lunar New Year celebration so stay tuned for more details.

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