REVIEW: Bamboo Blessings at the Lunar New Year Festival in Disneyland

If you’re looking for some seriously iconic limited-time eats, you’re in the right place!

Bamboo Blessings

The 2023 Lunar New Year celebration has started in Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort, and it has a lot to offer! There’s special merchandise, entertainment, and (of course) PLENTY of food to try. For now, we’re making our way over to the NEW Bamboo Blessings food booth. Is it a place you absolutely MUST visit? Let’s find out!


The menu at Bamboo Blessings is pretty big, but that’s mostly because of all of the BEERS you can find here! In terms of food items, two iconic snacks are returning to the Festival (though they have been at different booths in the past) — the Mickey Mouse-shaped Hot Dog Bun and the Mickey Mouse-shaped Purple Sweet Potato Macaron.

Bamboo Blessings Menu

There are a few returning drinks too, but 2023 has also brought NEW drinks to this spot, like the Brewery X Green Tea Rice Lager and Tsingtao topped with a frozen mango beer foam. Let’s take a better look at just what you can enjoy here!


First up we have the Mickey Mouse-shaped Hot Dog Bun. This is made of Brioche-style Mickey Mouse-shaped buns stuffed with hot dog and finished with sesame seeds and scallions. It’s priced at $7.50. This has made our best of the fest list in the past for good reason — it’s fun, tasty, and a unique spin on a classic theme park hot dog.

Mickey-Mouse shaped Hot Dog Bun

In the past, when we’ve had this, the bun has been REALLY good, much flakier and lighter than a normal hot dog bun. The hot dogs typically taste just like ones you’d get at a grocery store, but they’re still pretty good. Just be careful, because the hot dogs can fall out when eating it! This year, it’s still a pretty solid snack, but be sure to grab mustard and ketchup because it’s a little dry!

Who wouldn’t love this?

Next up we have the Mickey Mouse-shaped Purple Sweet Potato Macaron. This is a Red macaron filled with purple sweet potato buttercream and a crème fraîche center. It’s priced at $7.

Macaron 2022

In the past, the macaron has been pretty sweet, but not overly so. You wouldn’t know you’re eating sweet potato if you didn’t read the sign, so don’t let that ingredient scare you away! The texture of the buttercream is typically lovely and it serves as a nice balance to the flakiness of the macaron.

Just be warned that it can be messy to eat, and because there are a lot of textures filling your mouth at once, you might want to have a drink nearby to sip on. This is a great pick for those who LOVE buttercream and like treats that aren’t overly sweet.

Macaron 2022

Now, let’s talk about those drinks!


On the menu are a LOT of drinks! We opted to try a flight of beers with the NEW Lucky Flight. This comes with the Tsingtao Brewery (new), Young Master Brewery (returning), Stereo Brewing Co. (new), and Three Weavers Brewery (new), and is $17.50.

The Lucky Flight

The Tsingtao Brewery Premium Lager is a new beer that would cost $10.50 on its own. In terms of taste, it’s a light beer, but an average light beer. We liked that it was crisp and refreshing, though!

Tsingtao Brewery Premium Lager

The Young Master Brewery Pale Ale with mandarin and bergamot zest that is included in this flight is actually a returning beer, priced at $13.25 if you were to get it on its own. In terms of taste, this one was hoppy, but not TOO strong. We’d place it somewhere between an IPA and light beer.

Young Master Brewery Pale Ale

Then there’s the NEW Stereo Brewing Co. Gingerine, which is a Ginger wheat ale with tangerine, honey, and lemon juice. This would be $13 if purchased alone. Okay, this one is for SERIOUS ginger lovers only because it has a VERY ginger-forward flavor. It was almost too much for us and that ginger stays on the tongue long after you drink it.

Lucky Flight Stereo Brewing Co. Gingerine

And finally, the beer flight came the NEW Three Weavers Brewery Moon Rabbit, which is Golden stout with vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon. It would be $13 on its own. This one smells like coffee, and if you don’t like a strong coffee flavor, you might not like it. It also leaves a flavor on your tongue after you drink it. Our reporter isn’t a big coffee fan, so this was the least favorite of the four.

Three Weavers Brewery Moon Rabbit

These are the other beers you can pick from here:

  • Master Gao Brewery Baby Jasmine Tea Lager — $13.25
  • Brewery X Green Tea Rice Lager (New) — $13.00
  • Tsingtao Brewery Premium Lager (New) — $10.50
  • Tsingtao topped with a frozen mango beer foam (New) — $12.75
  • Prosperity Flight: 4Sons Brewing Co., Master Gao Brewery, Brewery X, and Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (New) — $17.00

If you want to top off your drink with something fun, grab the Lotus Flower Glow Cube. It’s available at this booth for $6.25 and there is a limit 10 per guest, per transaction.

Passion Fruit Green Tea with Lotus Blossom Glow Cube | 2018

And that’s it for the eats and drinks!


Overall, the eats at this booth are relatively simple but include the iconic Mickey-shaped hot dog (a great one for pickier eaters) and the Macaron (a good pick for your Instagram and buttercream lovers).

Plus, if you’re looking to try a whole bunch of beers, you’ll find PLENTY to pick from here, and convenient flights to help you sample a few of them at once.

While the food isn’t the most unique, it’s a good booth to stop by for a quick snack and Mickey-shaped food (which is a popular pick for many Disney fans).

We’ll be sharing full reviews of ALL of the food booths so stay tuned for more details.

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