Disneyland Proved the Messiest Sandwiches Are Often the Tastiest

If one of your favorite things to do in the big city is enjoy a classic frankfurter from a hotdog stand, you’ll love Award Wieners in Disneyland!

Award Wieners

This spot serves up gourmet hot dogs and sausages along with other American classics, including hot and fresh funnel cakes. You’ll often find specialty dogs on the menu, and seasonal offerings depending on what time of year you visit. We just so happened to notice a few new items on the menu, so of course we had to check them out!

If you’re all about that county fair food you should check out two of Award Wieners’ newest menu items! Move over plain old funnel cake and make way for the ambitious Blueberry Maple Bacon Funnel Cake Fries. It’s both a mouthful to say AND eat! Just as the name suggests, this plate of Disney’s iconic Funnel Cake Fries is topped with diced bacon, blueberry compote, whipped topping, and finished off with a drizzle of maple syrup. 

Blueberry Maple Bacon Funnel Cake Fries

Honestly, we were a little worried about how this would taste. Ultimately, all of the flavors balanced out and we actually enjoyed this snack! The sweetness of the funnel cake, blueberry, and maple syrup were toned down by the salt of the bacon. If you love sweet and salty snacks (like kettle corn!) definitely give this a try. You can get a plate for $9.49, and they’re easy to share!

Check out the toppings

The other item we tried was a savory sandwich called the Cubano Dog. This was kind of like a cross between a hot dog and a Cuban sandwich! Inside the toasted Telera bread you’ll get a hot dog, Mojo pork, Cubano-style ham, Pepperjack cheese, pickles, and Mojo mustard. You can then choose from a side of Mandarin oranges or their Filmstrip Fries.

Cubano Dog

They weren’t lying when they listed “mustard” as one of the ingredients! There was a generous amount to go with all of the layers of filling in this sandwich.

Lots of mustard!

Just like the funnel fries, there’s a lot going on with this sandwich but it all works out. Cuban sandwiches are popular for a reason! The ham, pork, and hot dog each had their own flavors that complimented each other, and the Pepperjack cheese gave this sandwich a little bit of heat. We also thought the bread was soft and added just the tiniest amount of sweetness.

A peek inside

Our only suggestion with this sandwich is that you grab some napkins — this sandwich dripped everywhere! However, we’d brave the mess to taste this again. You can get your own for $15.49. Both of these plates are big, messy, and DELICIOUS. Try one out on your next trip to Disneyland!

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