What’s New at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: A Princess Jasmine MagicBand+

Welcome back to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom

We’re here bringing you all the recent updates from this park. Since things change so often in Disney WOrld, there’s lots of new merchandise to cover this week in Animal Kingdom, so let’s get started!

Animal Kingdom Merchandise Updates

Riverside Depot

We spotted an adorable Baloo Cuddleez Plush for $39.99!

Baloo Cuddleez

There is also a new Na’vi Glow Crystal Spear for $32

Na’vi Glow Crystal Spear

…and a Na’vi Glow Crystal Knife for $20.

Na’vi Glow Crystal Knife

We finally saw the Yellow Mickey Sweatpants that match the hoodie we saw earlier. You can get the sweatpants for $49.99.

Yellow Mickey Sweatpants

We also spotted a Black Mickey Sweatsuit Hoodie for $64.99

Black Mickey Sweatsuit Hoodie

…and the Sweatpants for $49.99.

Black Mickey Sweatsuit Sweatpants

An Aristocats Jacket can also be yours for $64.99.

Aristocats Jacket

Lastly, we saw some Haunted Mansion Stationary for $24.99.

Haunted Mansion Stationary

On to the next store!

Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures

There’s ANOTHER sweatsuit over at this store! It’s the WDW 20th Sweatsuit with a Hoodie for $64.99

WDW 20th Sweatsuit Hoodie

…and the Sweatpants for $49.99.

WDW 20th Sweatsuit Sweatpants

That was all the new merch we spotted at Chester & Hester’s this time.

Serka Zong Bazaar (Expedition Everest Gift Shop) 

We spotted a lot of Lunar New Year merchandise, like the Lunar New Year Wallet for $50

Lunar New Year Wallet

…the Red Pocket Set for $19.99

Red Pocket Set

…a Lunar New Year Donald Statue for $79.99

Lunar New Year Donald Statue

…and a Lunar New Year Spirit Jersey for $85.19!

Lunar New Year Spirit Jersey

The Spirit Jersey features Chip ‘n Dale, and it says “Happy New Year” in gold letters.

Dino Institute 

And over at the Dino Institute, we spotted a Jasmine MagicBand+ for $54.99.

Jasmine MagicBand+

And that’s everything new we spotted in Animal Kingdom! As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest park news.

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Are you hoping to see anything arrive in Animal Kingdom soon? Tell us below!

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