Don’t Miss Your Chance To Meet an Original Disney Imagineer!

Disney news has focused a lot on two Bobs as of late (Chapek and Iger), but one Bob who is very important to Disney history is getting some much-deserved time in the spotlight.

Disneyland Resort

Bob Gurr, a legendary Disney Imagineer, is giving fans another chance to learn about the history of Disneyland straight from his own first-hand accounts.

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, at the Bowers Museum Auditorium in Santa Ana, California, Bob Gurr will be giving an encore presentation of Building Disneyland. In this presentation, he goes in-depth on the process of creating the iconic park. Another former Imagineer, Tom Morris, will also be in attendance. This event is any Disney historian’s dream!

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For those who don’t know, Bob Gurr worked directly with Walt Disney and is responsible for designing many of the Disneyland ride vehicles, including the iconic Doombuggies in the Haunted Mansion. Gurr will be discussing working on these designs and other experiences he had while working on Disneyland. Guests will even get to see rare vintage footage of the park!

Tower of Terror wouldn’t be the same without Bob Gurr!

Tickets are limited, and currently there are only a few General Admission tickets left. This event is a unique experience, so if you love Disney history get a ticket for yourself!

If you can’t make it, stay tuned to our site where we’ll be sharing information on other Disney events, like this special exhibition for Disney’s 100th anniversary!

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