Come With Us To Try a NEW Breakfast Option in Disneyland!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us tend to skip it.

We might wake up extra early for this

This is especially true when you are eager to hit the parks for a full day! Of course, this is when you need that fuel the most, so when we heard about this new breakfast sandwich in Disneyland we had to check it out.

The Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland at Disneyland is known for being a counter service spot with quick and easy fare like burgers and flatbreads. New to their menu is the Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich. At first glance, it looks like a pretty standard sandwich, so we wondered what really makes it “gourmet.” Let’s take a look inside!

Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich is made up of an herb blend and creme fraîche egg, maple butter spread, muenster cheese, and crispy bacon all sandwiched within a toasted English muffin. It is served with a side of their Taverne Potato Bites (tater tots). We appreciated the variety of ingredients that went into this sandwich, and the side of Potato Bites was a welcome addition, especially for those who prefer a full meal at the start of their day.

Served with their potato bites

How did the sandwich measure up to its lofty name? We thought the egg was light and fluffy and we could taste a hint of the herbs. The bacon and the English muffin were both cooked perfectly with a good crisp to each of them. The Muenster cheese didn’t have a noticeable flavor, but the maple syrup added a nice sweetness to the rest of the flavors. We did wish the cheese was more melted though!

Lots of fillings!

Would we call this sandwich ‘gourmet?’ Not necessarily! But did we enjoy it? Absolutely! While this might not be our first choice for breakfast in the parks, it wasn’t bad and could be a nice option if you need something quick that isn’t too fancy. You can try this meal out for yourself for $10.99.

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