Celebrity Comments on Bob Iger’s “Fight for the Future of Disney”

We’ve seen current Disney CEO Bob Iger comment on a number of things — from Park Passes and Florida legal battles to gun control and rumors of a merger with Apple. But now someone else is doing the commenting — and it’s about Iger!

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Disney is caught in the middle of a corporate debacle at the moment as Nelson Peltz and the Trian Group are preparing to stage a proxy battle following Peltz’s repeated requests to be added to Disney’s Board of Directors and Disney’s refusal to nominate him. Trian Partners, the activist firm, has about 9.4 million shares of Disney and Disney has urged shareholders to vote AGAINST adding Peltz to the Board. But just what does one celebrity think about all of this and about Iger as CEO? We’ve got the answer!

Recently, in a clip from CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, co-anchor Morgan Brennan spoke with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock commented on a number of things including the WWE, the energy drink company he co-founded, and his role as Black Adam.

But The Rock was also asked about Iger and the ongoing corporate battles. Brennan asked The Rock what his advice might be for Iger as he “takes on a fight for the future of Disney” given the proxy battle on the way.

It’s The Rock!

The Rock’s answer? Simple. Iger “does not need any advice from me.” The Rock went on to comment about his first movie with Disney, The Game Plan, and how he has had a relationship with Iger for years. The Rock would later go on to star in Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

“Over the years he’s been a tremendous mentor and a friend,” The Rock shared. “I’m very happy to see him back and there’s tremendous ambition with that man that I really admire.”

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The Rock shared that Iger was “very instrumental” in the XFL partnership with ESPN and ABC (The Rock is a co-owner of XFL) which will launch soon. He said Iger is “great” and the “hardest worker in the room.”

See the full video below.

So, it seems The Rock won’t be giving Iger any advice on how to handle this corporate battle, but The Rock has nothing but praise for the CEO. Exactly how this corporate debacle will end for Disney is unclear, but we’ll soon find out when the 2023 Shareholder meeting is held (date still pending).

For a full timeline of the Peltz development, as well as a peek at the development of Iger’s return and Chapek’s exit, click here. Stay tuned for more Disney news!

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