What’s New at Disney World Hotels: Pin Collectors BEWARE

Welcome back to Disney World’s resorts!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

There are lots of Disney resorts to stay at, and we’ve ranked every single hotel to help you decide where to stay for your trip. Lots can change at these resorts quickly, so let’s take a look at everything new we spotted this past week! 

Disney’s Contemporary Resort Merchandise Updates

Fantasia Marketplace

We spotted a Black Panther Action Figure for $24.99!

Black Panther Action Figure

We also saw lots of new pins like the “it’s a small world” Mickey and Minnie Pin for $14.99

“it’s a small world” Mickey and Minnie Pin

…an Avengers Pin for $12.99

Avengers Pin

…a Vision Pin for $11.99

Vision Pin

…a Thor Pin is available for $11.99

Thor Pin

…a Star Wars Retro Pin for $12.99

Star Wars Retro Pin

…and another “it’s a small world” Pin for $11.99!

“it’s a small world” Pin

There’s also a Simba Weighted Plush for $39.99!

Simba Weighted Plush

You can also grab a Stitch Plush for $29.99

Stitch Plush

…or a Dumbo Plush for $29.99.

Dumbo Plush

That’s all from Fantasia!

Bayview Gifts

Over at Bayview Gifts, we spotted a 100th Anniversary Hoodie for $64.99!

100th Anniversary Hoodie

There is also a Pink Headphone Case for $21.99.

Pink Headphone Case

We also spotted a Mickey and Friends Jacket for $59.99

Mickey and Friends Jacket

…as well as matching Mickey and Friends Pants for $49.99.

Mickey and Friends Pants

We also saw a WDW Spirit Jersey that is blue with neon green accents.

WDW Spirit Jersey

The spirit jersey is $79.99.

Heads Up! Two Disney World Resort Pools Are Closed for Refurbishment

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Construction Updates

DVC Building

Lots of construction is continuing to happen over at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort where their new DVC building is in progress.

Part of the Construction

Construction vehicles are on different parts of the site as well.


It’s exciting to see the building process continue, and you know we’ll continue bringing you updates as things progress.

Things are happening!

This is just one of the many things changing at Disney World hotels!

The Pool Slide Closure That Could Affect Your 2023 Disney World Trip

And that’s everything that’s new at Disney World’s resorts! With the holiday season over and the crowds winding down in Disney World, we’ll keep bringing you updates on what you can expect from your next Disney World trip. As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney news!

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