REVIEW: This Disney Hot Dog Has A LOT Going On…But It Works!

We’ve tried some interesting snacks during our Disney days.

Refreshment Corner

Some of our interesting snack finds have been at Refreshment Corner in Disneyland, which has been home to many peculiar experiences. We’ve had a delicious dessert pretzel recently, and have also drank out of a lightbulb before. This spot is also known for their interesting hot dogs, and we went to try its picnic hot dog!

The BBQ Picnic Hot Dog is available at Refreshment Corner for $13.49. It’s a pulled pork-topped foot-long Hot Dog, Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce, and Coleslaw, and it comes with a Cuties Mandarin Orange or a small bag of chips.

BBQ Picnic Dog

There’s a lot going on with this hot dog, but the pulled pork was sweet and flavorful and paired very well with the refreshing and tangy flavor of the coleslaw. The hot dog itself was your classic Disney hot dog, so nothing special, but not bad either!

This thing has a lot going on!

If you love pork and hot dogs, this is for you! However, if barbeque isn’t your thing or you’re more a fan of simple food without contrasting flavors, you may want to stay away.

Definitely tastes like a picnic!

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