Sugar, Coffee, and Vodka — Three Reasons Why You Should Visit This EPCOT Festival Booth First Thing in the Morning

How big is your sweet tooth? One EPCOT Festival of the Arts booth is about to put you and your love of dessert to the TEST. Will you pass?

Deco Delights

EPCOT’s 2023 Festival of the Arts has kicked off and we’ve been sharing ALL of the latest details with you. You can already get a full look at the menus for ALL of the Festival booths, grab our DFB-exclusive printable for the Festival booths, or check out our DFB Festival booth map. But, now, it’s time to take a break from all of that trip planning and join us as we take a look at the Deco Delights booth to see if the sweet treats here are really worth getting!


At Deco Delights, you can get 3 returning food items (all of which are on the sweet side!), along with some drinks and a brand NEW espresso martini!

2023 Menu

That’s right, Disney’s providing you with the ultimate drink to pick up your spirits during a LONG day of eating. But is the espresso martini any good? Let’s find out!


In terms of the eats, all 3 dishes are returning items here. First we have the Dulce Chocolate Mousse with chocolate crémeux and dark chocolate truffle. It’s priced at $5.25. This treat has a LOT of chocolate, so vanilla-only lovers need not apply!

Dulce Chocolate Mousse with chocolate crémeux and dark chocolate truffle

It’s a very light mousse and very well-made. There were tiny layers that had a texture similar to cake, which really helped to break up the mass of mousse. And surprisingly, the chocolate details were REALLY good! Definitely wasn’t the low-quality convenience-store-type chocolate we were expecting.

The dollop on the side was like a thick chocolate pudding that paired really well with the mousse. A nice mix of textures.

Continuing with the chocolate trend, we have the Decadent Valrhona Chocolate with dark chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, and cassis mousse. This is priced at $5.

We liked this one more than we expected. It was rich, but not too heavy — the ice cream on the side really helped break it up a bit. 

Decadent Valrhona Chocolate with dark chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, and cassis mousse

We really enjoyed the brownie that was the base of the treat. It had some textural variety, and the chocolate cookie crumbs on the plate helped with that as well. This is certainly a dessert that needs to be shared — probably a little too rich to eat by yourself.

Finally, our last sweet treat is not specifically for chocolate lovers (finally!). This one is an Orange Mousse with Lemon Cake and Raspberry Meringues and is $5. PRO TIP! This specific dish is part of the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine (the food challenge at the Festival where you eat 5 items and then get a prize), so you may want to opt for it if you’re trying to get that prize.

Orange Mousse with Lemon Cake and Raspberry Meringues

In terms of presentation, this really is a beauty! The colors are so bright and vibrant and the presentation is really fun — you’ll want to snap a photo of this one for sure. But when it comes to flavors, it wasn’t our favorite. The mousse has an interesting texture that reminded us of fake marshmallows.

Up-close of the treats

The citrus flavor was a little artificial, and honestly, our favorite thing was the little meringue with a freeze-dried texture. The lemon cake was on the dry side, and the biscuit was surprisingly hard.


After filling up on desserts, it’s time to switch to drinks! The only new addition here this year is the Espresso Martini featuring Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka. It’s priced at $11.50. It’s literally just espresso and vodka, so both flavors are VERY strong. One of the strongest EPCOT festival drinks we’ve ever had. 

Espresso Martini

The other drinks available include 3 Daughters Brewing Strawberry Blonde Nitro (6oz $5.50 /12oz $9.50),  81Bay Brewing Co. Vanilla Porter (6oz $5.50 /12oz $9.50), and the Playalinda Brewing Co. Milk Stout (6oz $5.50 /12oz $9.50). These are all returning options. You can either get them on their own, or opt for a Neapolitan Beer Flight that includes all 3 for $10.

Neapolitan Beer Flight

In the past, we felt like the Strawberry Blonde Nitro didn’t really capture the flavor of strawberries. Instead, it tasted more like a normal dark nitro beer — like a Guinness or Porter.

The Vanilla Porter was VERY tasty when we had it before, and VERY strong on the vanilla flavor, so you might not want to drink a whole lot of that one.

Neapolitan Beer Flight

And finally, the Milk Stout has typically been the only light beer, and it has been a little tart. It reminded us of an IPA.


Overall, if you have a BIG sweet tooth and love chocolate, Deco Delights is the place to be. The two chocolate desserts were our favorites, but the orange mousse sadly fell flat this year (what a shame, it has been a favorite in the past!). The espresso martini is great if you want something that’s a kick in the pants, but otherwise you should steer clear of it. Sugar, vodka, coffee — this booth will WAKE you up and get you going!

Full menu

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