Ranking the NEW Joffrey’s Drinks at the EPCOT Festival of the Arts

While they might not be from an official booth, there was no way we were going to skip these iconic Disney festival items!


Joffrey’s is a Disney institute, and for many of us, this is our first stop on any long park day. And on a day like the opening of the EPCOT Festival of the Arts, coffee is basically a necessity. But you can get more than just coffee at Joffrey’s today. There are some unique drinks at different locations across EPCOT, and you can learn all about them here!

As soon as we got inside EPCOT, we headed over to Joffrey’s.

This year, Joffrey’s is serving up some new, frozen beverages and each is themed after a different color. The base for these drinks is a frozen lemon ice blended with Minute Maid Premium Lemonade. Each version has a different combination of fruit along with some fun popping boba pearls! While these drinks are non-alcoholic, you can opt to change yours into a cocktail by adding Grey Goose Vodka for an extra $7.60. Pick your favorite to try or work your way through them all! Although these drinks were pretty similar, we definitely preferred some over others — see our full RANKING of these drinks here!

If you are a fan of more tart flavors, head over to the Joffrey’s near Disney Traders for the Jade Frost. This was our favorite version of the drinks! The frozen lemonade is blended with green apple flavoring and green apple popping boba pearls and can be yours for $6.39. 

Jade Frost

This drink was a nice combination of sour and sweet! We could definitely taste the green apple flavor.

Popping Pearls

Out of all of these new Joffrey’s drinks, we thought this was the best, probably because the tartness from the green apple helped tone down the sugar.

Annual Passholders can enjoy an extra special treat: at any Joffrey’s location in EPCOT, you can order their Frozen Little Spark. This has the same frozen base as the others, but it’s a cocktail with black raspberry syrup, mango popping boba pearls, and a splash of Grey Goose.

Frozen Little Spark

Passholders can get one for $6.39. This actually tasted very similar to the Amber Frost (we’ll get to that one in a minute) and there wasn’t much difference between the two besides the Grey Goose.

Amber Frost (left) and Frozen Little Spark (right)

It tasted more like a frozen pink lemonade than the blend it is advertised as — we couldn’t really taste the black raspberry. We enjoyed the mango boba, but that was about it for this drink. Just like the Amber Frost this was very sugary, although not as much as the other drinks, probably thanks to the vodka.

At The American Adventure location, you can try the Cerulean Frost, which features blue raspberry and blueberry popping boba pearls. Get yours for $6.39.

Cerulean Frost

We think this is another pick for kids (or someone with a REALLY high tolerance for sugar). We liked the flavors in this one more than the Amber or Magenta Frosts — you could taste more of the blue raspberry than the lemonade, unlike some of the others.

Glossy boba pearls

A frost like this is also a good pick if you’re starting to feel overheated from walking around. The lemonade and fruit flavoring is refreshing, plus anything frozen is going to help cool you down.


Up next is the Amber Frost. You can find this at the Joffrey’s in World Discovery near Mission: SPACE. This version includes the frozen lemonade base and is paired with blood orange and orange popping boba pearls! You can get one for $6.39. 

Amber Frost

This was VERY SWEET. It had some tart flavoring but the biggest thing we could taste was the sugar!

For those who love sugary drinks, you might like this, but if you can’t handle too much sugar you’re going to want to skip it. This drink is better for kids (if you’re willing to deal with the sugar rush) or pair it with the Grey Goose to cut some of that sweetness.

Orange boba

Over in the Canada Pavilion, stop by Joffrey’s for the Magenta Frost, which features dragon fruit and dragon fruit popping boba pearls. Try the non-alcoholic version for $6.39. This one was our least favorite of the bunch.

Magenta Frost

At this point you won’t be surprised to know this drink was tooth-achingly sweet. This drink was so sugary it was difficult to enjoy. The ombre effect might look pretty in the cup but if you don’t mix it you’re going to sip a straight shot of sugary syrup, so definitely keep that in mind if you order this drink.

Pretty in pink

So should you try one of these? We didn’t feel there was anything particularly unique about these Joffrey’s specialty drinks. Overall, these drinks were very sugary, even more than a normal dessert you might have. If you love sweet drinks you might want to try them or treat your kids to one. However, we feel there are better drinks at the festival to opt for instead of these.

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