Why We’re Telling Coffee Lovers To Get a Funnel Cake in EPCOT

Okay, are we in EPCOT or at a county fair? Even just the smell of funnel cake makes us think of Ferris wheels and midway games!

Classic American staple!

With all of the wild dishes at EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts, you might be hankering for some familiar foods. This festival is known for its adventurous takes on classic dishes (just take a look at this deconstructed key lime pie!), so you might be interested to see how they handled an American staple like funnel cake.


The Funnel Cake Stand in the American Adventure Pavilion is a great place to grab a sweet treat during your tour of the World Showcase. This spot rotates different seasonal flavors throughout the year, like Cookies and Cream or Candied Bacon S’Mores. Check out the menu for this year’s Festival of the Arts!

Funnel Cakes Menu

There was one festival offering on the menu, so let’s dig in!


The main item to look out for at this booth is the Mini Funnel Cake, and this version is new to the festival this year. This mini funnel cake is topped with cappuccino ice cream, chocolate whipped cream, AND M&M’S chocolate candies. You can get one for yourself for $9.50.

Mini Funnel Cake

We thought this dessert was delicious, but it is SWEET. The cappuccino ice cream had a nice espresso flavor to it that paired well with the sweetness of the M&Ms and chocolate whipped cream. This really reminded us of a cafe mocha!

Those M&Ms are so fun!

We thought this was a fun, tasty treat, and we would get it again — but just be aware that it is super sweet!

If this doesn’t sound like it would suit your tastes but you’re still craving some fried dough goodness, they have other regular menu items like a Funnel Cake with Chocolate Sauce, and a Funnel Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.


This booth only brought us one festival item this year — and it was small but mighty. If you love candy and county fair sweets, you should check out this booth at the festival this year! If you’re not a fan of toothache-level sweet treats, you might not want to wait in line for this dessert.

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