Everyone Else Can Go Home — This New EPCOT Festival of the Arts Booth Already WON

Are you ready to check out a completely NEW booth at this year’s Festival of the Arts?!

Moderne Booth 2023

EPCOT’s 2023 Festival of the Arts is officially underway and we’ve been making our way through the entire park to show you everything this Festival has to offer. From full menus for ALL of the Festival booths to a complete list of the concerts you’ll be able to catch, we’ve got you covered! Now, we’re taking you on a food adventure through the Moderne booth. Should you risk trying out this all-new booth or stick to the classics you already know and love? Let’s find out together!


Over at the Moderne booth, you’ll find a variety of available items. There’s Compressed Watermelon Tataki, Angry Crab, Pan-seared Scallops, and a tropical cake on the food menu, and you’ll find a Watermelon Mary and J. Lohr Riesling on the drinks menu.

Moderne Menu

Now that we’ve taken a look at the menu, let’s dive into the food itself!


First up, we grabbed the Compressed Watermelon Tataki, which is made with pickled watermelon rind, yuzu pearls, watermelon foam, and wasabi. It’s plant-based, and you can get it for $4.75.

Watermelon Tataki

The pickled watermelon rind and Yuzu pearls were our favorite parts of this one! With our first bite, we got a little too much wasabi, which was overwhelming, but we liked it more as we got to taste the other flavors with subsequent bites.

Compressed Watermelon Tataki with pickled watermelon rind, yuzu pearls, watermelon foam, and wasabi

The Yuzu pearls aren’t as much like boba as they are solid balls of Yuzu juice, which was rather surprising. They’re about the consistency of gelatin in raindrop form — a fun surprise!

The next item on the menu is the Angry Crab, which is whole crispy soft-shell crab with green papaya salad, mango-sriracha fluid gel, and coconut-lime foam with pomegranate and mango crush pearls. You can get this dish for $7.25.

Angry Crab

The crab is very crunchy, which was a great texture for this dish. It was pretty heavy on the “fishy” flavor which we didn’t actually mind, and the mousse was a good sweet touch to mix it up. All in all, it balanced things out.

Angry Crab

The slaw is crunchy and slightly acidic but there weren’t any strong flavors from it. We thought this was DELICIOUS overall and we would definitely get it again.

Up next is the Pan-seared Scallops with vanilla-butternut squash purée, brown butter cauliflower purée, and lime foam. This is part of the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine, and you can buy it for $7.50.

Pan-seared Scallops with vanilla-butternut squash purée, brown butter cauliflower purée, and lime foam

This was SO good. A very nice texture and cooked with a little bit of chewiness left, but just the right amount. You mostly get scallop flavor here, but the purees blend well with it if you scoop them up — they’re veggie-heavy.

Pan-Seared Scallops

For seafood, this was surprisingly light and delicious. Another thing we’d order over again!

Finally, there’s The Tropics, which is made with Lilikoi mousse, guava cake, coconut crémeux, compressed pineapple, and mango gel for $5.

The Tropica

We found this dessert to be deliciously creamy, and VERY tart. The fruit was incredibly fresh! The guava cake was the tartest part, and it was nice and moist, which we really loved. Even if someone doesn’t like guava, we might still recommend that you try it!

The Tropica

Overall, it was tart (how many times can we say that word without it getting old? 😂) and fruity! “The Tropics” was a truly accurate name.

Ready to try some drinks?


First up, you can get the Watermelon Mary, which features Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka. This drink is $11.50. It had a VERY strong vodka flavor, but the watermelon was sweet and almost tasted like a juice.

Watermelon Mary featuring Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

The mini boba in this was almost annoying, as if you drank it too fast, you could almost choke on them? (That’s concerning!) It was a fine drink, but not our favorite thing we’ve had at an EPCOT festival.

The other option is the J. Lohr Riesling, which is available for $6.50.


Y’all, this booth was scoring aces all over the place! The only thing we had that we didn’t love was the Watermelon Mary, but the food was SPECTACULAR. There were multiple things that we would come back and get again, including the crab and the scallops.


We’re totally on team Moderne — make sure to check it out during your visit!

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