The Complete Guide to Eating at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a popular place for families to stay at Disney World! With its over-the-top theming and giant swimming pool, it’s likely that kids will love this stay.

The lobby at Disney’s Art of Amimation Resort

In fact, this is one of our best resorts for toddlers at Disney World. And while there are many choices for dining at Disney World in the parks, at Disney Springs, and at other resorts, sometimes you just want to have something close to your home base!

That’s why we’re taking a look today at the food options at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort!

Landscape of Flavors

So, yeah, your food choices at Disney’s Art of Animation are all in one location — the Landscape of Flavors food court. But don’t panic! There are plenty of options here!


During breakfast at Lanscape of Flavors, you will find character waffles, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and plant-based options including a frittata.

Landscape of Flavors

The Waffle Bounty Platter has character waffles, eggs, potato barrels, and bacon or sausage — many folks find it large enough to share if you’re not famished in the morning! The kids’ breakfast menu here includes oatmeal and pancakes.


For lunch or dinner, your options at Landscape of Flavors expand. There are burgers, chicken strips, salads, and pizza and pasta dishes. But you’ll also find some perhaps unexpected items, such as Shrimp and Grits, Seared Salmon, and Tandoori Chicken.


The Pulled Pork Sandwich, topped with coleslaw, is one of our favorite things to eat at Art of Animation Resort. Kids’ menus here include cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, chicken strips, and chicken with pasta and vegatables.


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the treats available at Landscape of Flavors. A classic dessert here is the Cookies ‘n Cream Sundae Cupcake. 

It looks just like a sundae!

Also keep your eyes out for seasonal treats, which are only available at Landscape of Flavors for a limited time!

Grab and Go Food

In addition to counters service hot food, you’ll find a refrigerated section at this food court.

Refrigerated section at Landscape of Flavors

You can buy milk, juice, fruit, cheese, and more in these cases — these items are great for quick snacks in your hotel room!

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The Drop Off Pool Bar

This outdoor location serves up soft drinks, beer, wine and cocktails like a Sunshine Margarita or Frozen Jack or Coke. 

The Drop Off Pool Bar

But you can also find food here, albeit a very limited menu! Chips, soft pretzels with cheese, deli sandwiches, and ice cream bars are available. 

Come with us to tour a Lion King family suite here!

And that’s your complete guide to eating at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort! With DOZENS of places to eat at Disney World, we know it can be tough to plan your meals. That’s why we wrote the DFB Guide to Dining at Walt Disney World. We have reviews, pictures and details about every restaurant all in one digital download – along with ALL of our best tips and strategies from decades of Disney World trips. We’ve got a special discount code for DFB readers, too! Use WDW2023 at checkout for 25% off!

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