The Easiest Disney World Tips the Experts Swear By

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So you’re planning a trip to Disney World. That probably means you’re gathering “insider tips” from friends and family, and — we hope — from us!

Let’s go to Disney World!

While we love finding “secret” tips and tricks that can make your vacation go more smoothly, sometimes simple is best.

So we asked you — our expert DFB readers — about the EASIEST tip you swear by in Disney World. Let’s take a look at this “back to basics” advice!

1. Set Your Alarms!

That’s right … though many of us think of a vacation as a time when you don’t want to set an alarm, DFB readers said over and over again that getting up early is crucial to a successful day at Disney World. “Get to the parks EARLY,” said Instagram user @nestinginthesushine.

Want to see the Magic Kingdom relatively empty? Get there EARLY!

Reader @gryffindor4ble suggest making the earliest breakfast reservation possible (you can often get in for breakfast before the park opens for the day) to have photo ops when no one else is around, and then race to that first ride of the day with little or no wait. Without breakfast reservations, you probably still want to get to the parks before they open to “rope drop.”

Beyond getting to the parks early, you will want to wake up early to buy Disney Genie+ if you have decided to, and to book Individual Lightning Lanes for the pay-per-ride attractions. (If we sound like we’re speaking a foreign language to you, check out our complete guide to using Disney Genie+!)

What Exactly is Rope Drop in Disney World, and How Can You Do It Like a Pro?

2. Drink Water

Yep, we’re really going back to basics here. But it is SO EASY to be so focused on getting from attraction to attraction and making the most of your day that you forget to stay hydrated. We’re in the parks every day, and we see lots and lots of meltdowns by both children and adults. We’ve become convinced that many Disney Parks meltdowns could be prevented if people weren’t dehydrated!

Grab a water every chance you get!

You can get free ice water at many locations around Disney Parks, and there are also water fountains and water bottle refill stations. @ashleealberts says she brings her own water bottle everywhere, and @h.annajane says to take advantage of those free water cups!

Everywhere You Can Find Free Water in Disney World

3. Take a Break

Yes, our experts are telling you to get up early, but they’re also telling you to be sure you’re resting! While getting up early is important to reduce your wait times for popular attractions, Disney World can be exhausting, and you need to rest and recharge! Maybe take a midday break at your resort pool, like @therealsteens do.

Cozy Cone Pool at Art of Animation Resort

And @sofia_with_a_f says a nap in the middle of the day is a good thing! We can’t disagree! Many people plan a rest day in between park days, as @ger_mendoza suggests, so take that in account when you’re deciding how many days worth of park tickets to buy.

Here Are Some Ideas for Taking a Day Off During Your Disney World Vacation

4. Go LEFT

We promise we’re not talking politics here! It seems that people have a natural tendency to turn toward the right, so the theory is that if you go left, you’ll encounter less crowds — or so says @dharp0103. So, head to the attractions on the left when you enter a park.

In EPCOT’s World Showcase, “Go Left” could mean starting in Mexico rather than Canada.

@dawnvanasperen takes it a step further: “Go left. It really works. Use far left turnstiles, lanes, lines, etc.”

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5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

We are not exaggerating when we say you will walk many miles on a Disney World vacation. You’ll need to be sure your wearing the right shoes. Our experts suggest not bringing NEW shoes, either. “Break in your shoes before you get there,” says @karrebear417. And @brocknoodles says “Don’t buy new shoes right before you go. Wear old, comfy, worn-in shoes.”

The shoes for Minnie fans!

There’s no one-size-fits-all perfect shoe for the parks. Some people swear by Crocs, some people wear hiking sandals, and others like their tried-and-true comfiest sneakers. The most important thing is to wear shoes you know you can do lots of walking in — and sometimes it’s best to alternate the shoes you wear each day, or even change shoes during that midday break you’re gonna take.

And we always suggest bringing some moleskine padding that you can stick anywhere you’re feeling like you might get a blister.

What Shoes Should You Wear in Disney World?

6. Have a Plan, But Relax

Several DFB readers also suggested that planning is important, but it shouldn’t be a source of anxiety. There IS a lot of planning that needs to go into a Disney World vacation these days, but there’s also pretty much a guarantee that not everything will go according to plan — both in Disney World and in life, right? As @michjen3 says, “Plan and then relax. Go in with the awareness that you will not do everything!”

Inclement weather, ride closures, and more can affect your Disney World day.

Keep in mind that it could rain, your favorite ride could be shut down, someone in your party could be feeling under the weather, and there are a myriad of other things that might change your plans! It’s best to set your expectations for your vacation knowing that things will change, but there is fun to be had literally everywhere at Disney World — so just pivot and go with it!

Pack These Items in Case of Rain at Disney World!

That’s a look at the best “Back to Basics” tips for our panel of Disney World experts — DFB Readers! We’ve got more great Disney World planning advice for you here:

Whew! We know that planning a Disney World trip is A LOT. And this Genie+ thing can be so confusing – which is why we bring you posts like this so often. But we’ve also put together a complete guide in ebook format that gives you all of the info you need, all in one place! Use code WDW2023 for 25% off our DFB Guide to Dining at Walt Disney World.


Planning a Trip to Disney World? We’ve Got Everything You Need to Know

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