The Disney World Changes That Cause Fans the Most Anxiety

The one thing that is inevitable at Disney World is change, but we’ve seen a LOT of change over the past few years.

Genie stress us all out, right?

From the massive EPCOT transformation to the park pass reservation system to Genie+,  we’re sure that these changes have left many of you reeling. So we asked our readers which changes at Disney World gave you the most anxiety. Here’s what you told us!

The Loss of Magical Express

Back in the BEFORE days, we used to have FREE bus transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport to Disney World. This transportation even once offered free luggage delivery service to our resorts so we didn’t even have to get our bags at the airport! However, Magical Express went away forever in 2021, and many of you mentioned that the lack of it has you stressed out.

Remember Magical Express?

DFB Reader Jay said, “Ending Magical Express” when we asked the question about anxiety-inducing changes at Disney World and then added: “It was one of the most “magical” benefits from Disney – turning in your luggage at your home airport then have it simply “appear” in your resort room – ❤! Other things were nice, but ME felt like Disney.”

Carrie agreed: “Absolutely! The thought of having to wait for my bags at luggage claim when we arrive and then check them back in at the airport on departure day sends me over the edge.

Magical Express sure did simplify things

However, there are two paid shuttle bus transportation options to choose from now at Orlando International Airport: Mears Connect and The Sunshine Flyer. The latter has even commented that it could potentially have a luggage delivery service available to guests at some point, so hopefully, that will make things more convenient for everyone traveling to Disney World through the airport.


Many of you feel like Genie+ has complicated things so much in Disney World that it causes undue stress. Erica answered, “Genie+ lightning lane selections. I so miss the days of the FastPass and how easy it was to book them!”

Kim added, “I hate being on my phone constantly instead of having fun.”


Francesca agreed, “Genie plus…nothing says vacation like getting up at 6.30am so you can get on an app that constantly crashes! miss planning it all in advance”

Heather explained why it feels so inconvenient: “I can handle paying for some type fast pass but I hate waiting until the day of to try to get it. I feel like we are not efficient and keep backtracking around each park all day. So frustrating.”

The Park Pass Reservation System

Disney World’s park pass reservation system requires guests to reserve their space in a park BEFORE a trip, which many guests don’t like. Our reader Juliann said, “park passes are a pain in the behind. Plus I can’t change park locations if the weather changes. I love to do zoos when it rains and is overcast and in the past I would switch there on a overcast day but now I can’t.”

LeeAnn commented, “Park reservation system. I used to be able to get off work on a Friday evening and drive over to Epcot, which is only an hour away from me. Then we would eat dinner and watch the fireworks. It was a nice way to start the weekend.”

Park pass reservations go quickly during the holidays

Sara agreed, “Reservation for a certain park on a certain day gives me anxiety. Too much pressure not going to Disney for awhile, which makes me sad I love Disney. We went to universal studios the week of Christmas I like going when I want and what park I want.”

Natalie said, “Park passes. I dont want to buy my tickets until closer to our trip date, but if the parks fill up then I cant even go.”

Lack of Spontaneity

Many of our readers feel that all these changes have also caused a situation where they can no longer be spontaneous during Disney World trips. Loretta said, “No longer being able to be spontaneous. We used to love deciding at the last minute which park we’d visit on a particular day. Sadly, now we’re tied into going to the park for which we have a reservation, as well as not being able to park hop throughout the day.”

Some people don’t want to be stuck in Animal Kingdom in the rain

Wendy agreed, but refuses to let it ruin her day, “Complicated planning & no more spontaneity.. we’re just going to wing it and definitely not set alarm for booking ROR or any other ride … rebels yes .. on holiday yes who cares we’re in Disney World … 😂

Maria said, “The fact that you have to plan every single second of your trip beforehand. It takes the spontaneity and to be honest, a lot of the fun out of it!”


Although these were the majority of the answers we got, some of you mentioned other change that stress you out in Disney World. Pamela misses the lack of social distancing: “the lack of social distancing. I actually liked the spacing so people aren’t breathing down my neck all the time. People get way too close for comfort.”

Megan mentioned the change in advance dining reservations: “Dining Reservations being 60 days instead of 180 days and saving money for meals instead of the dining plan convenience and savings for our family.”

Be Our Guest

Alexandra mentioned the parking situation: “Price increases and paying for parking at resorts when their transportation at some resorts is subpar.”

Several of you mentioned the Virtual Queue system that is currently used at Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Missy said, “Virtual’s a complicated and stressful process 😫

So how can you make your Disney World trip a little less stressful? Well, we do our best to explain how everything works like the park pass reservation system, advance dining reservations, and even Genie+! So keep reading DFB for helpful tips, tricks, and guides to help you navigate Disney World like a pro!

We’ll try to help you with our best Disney World tips and tricks!

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What’s the Disney World change that has stressed you out the most? Let us know in the comments!

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