REVIEW: Is It Just Us or Is This Snack Actually Stretching in Disney World?

Recently while strolling through Magic Kingdom, we paid a visit to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

Sleepy Hollow

While other guests were treating themselves to a Nutella Waffle Sandwich or their controversial turkey legs, we spotted a new item to try!

Following previous incarnations, this new Chilling Chamber Pop features one of the iconic images from the Stretching Room in the Haunted Mansion. With this version we see the Mayor, who’s run out of luck and is atop a fully lit barrel of dynamite. Just like the portraits in the attraction, push this cake pop up to create your own stretching effect.

Chilling Chamber Pop featuring The Mayor

The Haunted Mansion theming continues with the instantly-recognizable purple wallpaper design around this pop. Okay, we’re sure you’ve heard enough about how it looks — you want to know how it tastes! This treat is filled with chocolate crumbs, white buttercream, and chocolate popping candies (we assume to symbolize the dynamite!) for $5.49.

An eerie treat!

When you push the bottom, the different layers of the dessert become visible. Enjoy layer by layer, or go for an all-in-one bite. We found that the chocolate “crumbs” tasted more like a chocolate cake, albeit, well, crumbly! The popping candy topping added a nice crunchy texture to the otherwise soft snack.

Look at those layers!

The buttercream tasted more like a whipped topping and less like that traditional, thick buttercream frosting you might imagine. If you’re a chocolate-lover or can’t resist popping candy, give this a shot! You can get your own at Sleepy Hollow for $5.49.

Magic Kingdom might not be known for their cuisine, but this could be a good mid-afternoon pick-me-up during a long park day. If you’re looking for other quick spots to grab a tasty snack or two in Magic Kingdom, stop by Pecos Bill’s for some nachos or the Adventureland Spring Roll Cart!

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Stay tuned for more reviews and food updates!

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