This New Disney Springs Treat Will Have You Double Check the Date

Just when you thought Gideon’s flavor news bombs were done — they do it, again!

A popular spot for some awesome cookies!

Gideon’s Bakehouse is a popular spot to get giant cookies, cold brew coffee, and huge cake slices in Disney Springs. We were just here a few days ago to try their new flavor for the month of January: The Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cookie. And now, they have us wanting to race back for another announcement!

It doesn’t take much to twist our arms to visit Disney Springs and all of the restaurants there. So when we saw that Gideon’s Bakehouse announced today on Instagram that they will be releasing Pumpkin Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites, well we had to share the good news!

©Gideon’s Bakehouse

We saw the Pumpkin Bread Chocolate Crumb Cookie back in November, and really enjoyed this super sweet half-pound treat (yes, you read that right — half-pound cookie!). It sounds like the cookie bites will have a similar flavor to those cookies!

Pumpkin Bread Chocolate Crumb Cookie

The cookie we saw before was made with pumpkin, Gideon’s House pumpkin spice blend, a little bit of chocolate, and pumpkin butter crumbs. And now, while supplies last, you can get a pumpkin-flavored cookie in little bite forms with a nice coating of white chocolate. Pumpkin in January? It might sound a little odd, but hey, we’re willing to give it a try.

Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs

So, if you’re not just mourning that the holiday season is over, but craving a little bit of those fall flavors, then you can head over to Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs or their Orlando location to get a bag of the Pumpkin Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites.

Or if you miss out on these, you can grab any one of Gideon’s delicious and hefty cookies as a consolation prize, like their January special flavor, the Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cookie.

One hefty cookie

If you do head over to Gideon’s Bakehouse, you will probably need to understand how things work there. The location in Disney Springs is kinda’ small, so there’s often a virtual queue. You just need to meet the Cast Member waiting outside the shop and give your phone number — you’ll get a text when it’s your turn to go inside!

Which cookie will you choose?

Stay tuned to our site for the latest on new treats from Gideon’s and other Disney locations!

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Which Gideon’s cookie flavor has been your favorite so far? Share it with us in the comments!

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