VIDEO: Look INSIDE the Upcoming ‘Moana’ Attraction at EPCOT

2023 is the year of exciting new additions at Disney World!

Let’s go to EPCOT!

One of the biggest additions will be the completion of the EPCOT transformation toward the end of the year, and as part of that, we’ll be getting a new walkthrough attraction. We’ve seen concept art and photos from the upcoming Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana, but now we’ve got our first VIDEO from inside the attraction!

Good Morning America got a sneak peek inside the new attraction and captured some video of its features, which are still under construction. They interviewed Reid Ekman, who is the Lead Concept Designer, asking questions about what we can expect from the new experience — check out the video below!

Wow, how exciting! According to Imagineer Reid, music will be a big part of Journey Into Water — could they use the Moana soundtrack? It was also revealed that there are about a dozen hidden characters throughout the attraction, both on land and in the water. Did anyone else see the peek of the Kakamora?

©Good Morning America

The video also shows a close-up of the stunning Te Fiti sculpture that was installed earlier this month. There’s so much detail that you can only see from standing right underneath the statue.

©Good Morning America

How will guests interact with water in this attraction, exactly? “One way you greet your friend is by waving, so I’d imagine that one way to greet water is by doing a similar thing,” said Ekman. “Our goal is to make a connection between water and the guest.”

©Good Morning America

We can’t wait to check out this attraction in the coming months, and hopefully learn more details before then — it looks like it’s going to be very unique! We’ll continue to update you as we find out more, and stay tuned to DFB for the official opening date announcement.

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