Save This Phone Number BEFORE Your Disney World Trip

If you’re headed to Disney World soon, you probably know that it can get super crowded some days. 

New Years Eve Crowds in 2021!

Disney World requires Park Pass Reservations to try to manage the crowds, and that’s why we tell you to make your reservations as soon as you can — they do sell out!

So, you’ve got your park passes, but you’re planning to park hop (start the day in one Disney World Park and move to another one later in the day). One important thing to know is that you will not be able to hop to another park if that park is full — “at capacity” in Disney World-ese.

Park Hopper info at Magic Kingdom

That’s why we’re bringing you a very important Disney World phone number today, and we suggest that you save it in your phone. It’s the Disney World park capacity number — (407) 560-5000.

Don’t jump on the monorail to EPCOT until you’ve called this line.

When you call this line, you’ll get a recorded message that will tell you if any of the parks is at capacity and not accepting park hoppers at that particular time. To save yourself a lot of aggravation, we highly suggest calling this number before you leave the park you are in and hop to another one — otherwise, you may arrive at your second park of the day and be told you cannot enter.

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Check out this page for more information on park hopping at Disney World!

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Planning a Trip to Disney World? We’ve Got Everything You Need to Know

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