Genie+ SELLS OUT in Disneyland

If you’re planning to visit Disneyland soon, there’s a big issue you need to be aware of.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

Skipping the lines for the most popular rides in the parks is possible, and one of the main ways to do that is through Genie+ — the paid FastPass replacement. The standard Genie+ service (which starts at $25 per ticket per day in Disneyland) can help you get on rides like Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, Incredicoaster, Toy Story Midway Mania!, and more with shorter waits. But if you don’t buy the service early in the day, you might not get the chance to!

On December 28th, the standard Genie+ service SOLD OUT at Disneyland Resort. When we looked at the Disneyland app, the Tip Board indicated that the purchase of the Genie+ service was no longer offered for the day. This was around 4:35PM ET (1:35PM PT).


This is a very real possibility that can happen in Disneyland on popular dates. The Disneyland Genie+ website does warn that the service is subject to availability and is NOT guaranteed.


Interestingly, while the standard Genie+ service had sold out, Individual Lightning Lanes were still available for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (priced at $25) and Radiator Springs Racers (priced at $20.)

Radiator Springs Racers

So what’s the key lesson here? If you’re heading to Disneyland on a date that could be busy and popular (like these last few dates around New Year’s Eve or other holidays) and you know you want to use the standard Genie+ service, be sure to purchase it EARLIER in the day rather than waiting until later.

If you wait too long, you may run the risk that the standard Genie+ service will sell out and will no longer be available for you to purchase at all.

Pixar Pal-A-Round and Incredicoaster

Note that the Disney World website states, “Disney Genie+ service, attractions and experiences may vary by date, are subject to change or closure, are limited in availability and are not guaranteed and may not be available at all on the date of visit or at the time you make a selection. Price, terms and entitlements are subject to restrictions, and change or cancellation without notice.”

Disney also notes, “Purchasing later in the day reduces your opportunity to experience Lightning Lane entry to multiple attractions.”

Unlike the situation at Disneyland, on December 28th, the standard Genie+ service at Disney World had not sold out when we checked. But, the fact that it is “limited in availability” or that purchasing it later in the day reduces your ability to experience Lightning Lane entry is something to carefully consider when planning your next trip.


For Genie+ tips on the most crowded days in Disney World and Disneyland, click here. And stay tuned for the latest news.

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